The Kigers were busted on drug charges after multiple complaints against them.

Mother And Son Busted On Drug Charges Together

In Huntington, West Virginia a mother and her son were busted on drug related charges.

50-year-old Jacqueline Kiger, her son, 19-year-old Samuel Kiger, and two young children live together in a house on 27th street in Huntington.

Officials became suspicious when continual complaints from neighbors began pouring in. Many of the complaints indicated that there was some kind of drug related activity going on in and around the Kiger’s home. The other complaints had to do with code violations in regards to the well-being of the inhabitants of the home and state the home was kept in.

The number of complaints alone would have been reason enough for officers to take action, but the drug charges became more critical due to the fact that the home is within 1,000 feet of a school.

The investigation into the drug charges was conducted by the Special Emphasis Unit.

Probable cause allowed officials to obtain a search warrant on Wednesday.

The search warrant was executed by detectives from the Special Investigations Bureau and Criminal Investigations Bureau. They were looking for evidence of drug dealing, drug use and neglect.

Inside the home, detectives found more than just drugs. Officers found several firearms and many code violations endangering the children and animals within the house.

The children, found to be living in deplorable conditions, were removed by Child Protective Services. Huntington Cabell/Wayne Animal Control officers also stepped in to remove all the cats owned by the mother and her son.

Conditions in the home were so poor that Police Department Code Enforcement officers were forced to place a “Do Not Occupy” order on the house, indicating that the home is uninhabitable at the moment.

The Kigers were busted on drug charges, but officers also found, and confiscated, cash and a stolen street sign aside from the drug paraphernalia, marijuana and guns.

Both Jacqueline Kiger and her son, Samuel, were taken to the Western Regional Jail where they are being held. Bonds for both suspects were set. $10,000 for Jacqueline Kiger, who was charged with maintaining a dwelling used for drug sales and $25,000 for Samuel Kiger, who was charged with delivery of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Due to the close proximity of the home to a school, and guns being present during drug-related activity, federal charges might be pursued.

[ Image courtesy of Huntington Herald Dispatch ]