Lori Laughlin Talks About ‘Full House’ Reunion

Lori Laughlin recently discussed the revival of the 90’s sitcom, Full House, and what the new Netflix series would be like compared to its elder version via Yahoo! News.

Laughlin appeared and then starred in the hit show from 1988 to 1995, playing Rebecca “Becky” Donaldson Katsopolis, the love interest of Uncle Jessie Katsopolis, a role held by John Stamos.

Laughlin described the new series, saying Fuller House will open with a reunion, the pilot episode containing the original Full House cast. The series will go on to be based on the Tanner sisters, D.J., (Candace Cameron) and Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), and their frenemy Kimmy Gibler (Andrea Barber).

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen played the Tanner girls’ younger sister Michelle, who will not be appearing on the new series, at least not as of right now.

However, the other original cast members may make guest appearances throughout the first season of Fuller House. The actress says that the first episode will be packed with information, allowing viewers get reacquainted with the cast, and will “cover a lot of ground.”

“Netflix bought a spinoff show called Fuller House with Candace Cameron, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber. That’s what they wanted. They wanted all of us for the reunion show. Now they’re kind of saying, ‘Well, maybe you’ll come back and do another episode, maybe you’ll come back and do another episode.’ But they don’t want me, Bob [Saget], Dave [Coulier] and John [Stamos] for all the episodes. They want to do a spinoff show, which – it makes the most sense. You couldn’t really pick up that show and have us all living in that house. It’d be so weird. … You need to advance,” Laughlin told Access Hollywood.

Laughlin described her feelings on sharing the set with her former long-time costars again.

“…It feels like we never left,” Laughlin says.

Full House fans have stormed social media sites like Twitter to express their glee in the show being brought back to life.

[Photo via Jason Kempin/Getty Images]