Madyson Middleton Update: Teen Arrested In 8-Year-Old's Murder Appears In Court, Disturbing Details

Madyson Middleton Update: Teen Arrested In 8-Year-Old’s Murder Appears In Court, Disturbing Details

Adrian Jerry “A.J.” Gonzalez, the 15-year-old teen accused of killing 8-year-old Madyson “Maddy” Middleton, appeared in court for the first time since his arrest.

In a previous report by the Inquisitr, it was stated that Madyson Middleton’s body was found in a dumpster on Monday after a long search by police, investigators, and volunteers that started on Sunday.

According to Mercury News, Gonzalez didn’t enter a plea, and Judge Timothy Volkmann ordered the teen to come back on September 21 to schedule his preliminary hearing. The same reports also said that Gonzalez agreed to let go of his right to have a speedy trial, which allows his layers to acquire more information about the case and build a solid defense. Gonzalez, despite being a minor, is charged as an adult and could face life in prison if convicted of the crimes he committed. However, since he is only 15-years-old, his age exempts him from receiving the death penalty, as San Francisco Gate reports.

Gonzalez is charged with murder with a special allegation of lying in wait, lewd acts with a child younger than 14-years-old, rape by instrument, forcible rape, and kidnapping. Amidst this tragedy, details about Madyson Middleton’s case are emerging as investigators are piecing together what happened on that fateful Sunday afternoon.

Maddy Middleton and A.J. Gonzalez both lived in the same complex. Gonzalez allegedly lured Madyson into his apartment by giving her ice cream. Investigators found out that Gonzalez tied Madyson up, beat her, and raped her before strangling her to death. Gonzalez then tossed Madyson’s body in a dumpster at the apartment complex, as seen in a surveillance video.

Other than these details released, Santa Cruz County District Attorney Jeff Rosell said that other specific details will not be released to “ensure a fair trial for him [Gonzalez].”

Madyson Middleton’s mother was not present when Gonzalez went to court on Thursday. Rosell stated that Maddy’s family is “trying to deal with a horrible situation” and they are grieving the loss of their little girl. As of writing, the motive behind Madyson’s killing is not yet known.

One of A.J.’s friends from middle school, Katie Carole, 16, was present in the court hearing. She says that she knew A.J. to be a normal teen two years ago when they were friends. However, she also said that Gonzalez was depressed and once wanted to jump off a roof. She broke off their friendship as she could no longer deal with A.J.

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