Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt Defend Taylor Swift Over Ed Droste's 'Mean Girl' Tweet

Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt Defend Taylor Swift Over Ed Droste’s ‘Mean Girl’ Tweet

Two of Taylor Swift’s model friends have recently come to the singer’s defense. Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt are defending the “Bad Blood” singer after Grizzly Bear singer Ed Droste called her a “mean girl” who bosses her friends around.

Both Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt took to Twitter after Droste accused of Swift of acting like a “mean girl” who tells her girl squad what they can and cannot do. The indie singer shared a photo of a tabloid article that talked about Swift’s diva and friend demands. According to the article, Swift has given her friends a list of “dos and don’ts” that include what to wear and how to act around her.

On Sunday, July 26, Ed Droste included the following tweet: “Obsessed that people are catching on.”

Now just three days later, two of Taylor’s best friends are taking to Twitter to defend the singer-songwriter.

Gigi Hadid tweeted: “lol that’s the biggest load of bs. ‘Swift insider’ HA you wish you knew. Stop trying to create drama where there is none.”

Meanwhile, Martha Hunt bluntly tweeted: “Bulls**t. The day I met her I was impressed how open of a heart she had and she has remained that way since. Don’t knock her.”

This isn’t the first time that Hunt has spoken out about her friendship with Swift. During her interview with Hamptons magazine, the Victoria’s Secret model called the 25-year-old singer one of her role models.

“Taylor Swift – I can’t say enough good things about her. I admire her so much as a person and as a role model for young women.

“I think we need more people like [Swift;] people who want to bring women together and not oversexualize themselves. Plus, she’s talented and she’s just the best.”

Earlier this month, Martha said that Taylor would make the perfect Victoria’s Secret Angel. The country-turned-pop singer has headlined the Victoria’s Secret Fashion for the past two consecutive years.

“She can walk the show anytime. You’re always invited back, Taylor.”

Hunt also explained why her friendship with Swift works out so well.

“She’s always there for me and she always has good advice. She’s been in the spotlight for a very long time so she obviously has so much advice to give me.

“I love hanging out with her. I love learning from her. She’s really talented, she writes her own music. I mean, I have nothing but good things to say about her.”

As for Ed Droste, he won’t give any more details on his encounter with Swift. He says that he’s deathly afraid of the singer. That hasn’t stopped him from calling Swift “calculating” and “self-serving,” though. According to Droste, he has a story that’s different from Martha Hunt’s first impression of Ms. Swift.

Droste tweeted: “Still feels unsafe tho. She frightens me genuinely.”

Earlier this year, Ed wrote in a series of tweets about his encounter with the singer. Fans quickly assumed it was about Taylor Swift. However, Ed claimed he was too afraid to mention or directly tweet the singer’s name, so he called his tweets an “eternal blind item.”

“Met a celebrity I always speculated was terribly calculated and mean, and they exceeded all my expectations of rudeness and arrogance. HATE. If you know please don’t @ the person, they see all and have the capacity and desire to destroy, seriously, please just known and lol… This is an eternal blind item, bc I’m too petrified of their insane power. No need to speculate just HAD to voice my disgust.”

It looks like Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt have nothing against Swift. They’re willing to back her when needed, no matter what the media says about Swift’s friendships.

[Image: Taylor Swift via Twitter]