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SWAT Secret Weapon: Robotic Camera Goes In First To Survey Situation [Video]

swat secret weapon

When the SWAT team gets called in its usually for a pretty dangerous situation. A new device called the Recon Scout is being dubbed the SWAT team’s secret weapon since it could keep officers out of danger.

The Recon Scout is a dumbell-shaped camera robot that can be thrown, dropped, or rolled into a room so authorities can get a view of a potentially dangerous situation before they enter.

The Common Law Blog describes the device:

“(The recon scout is) the size of a beer can with a wheel on each end, and a TV camera peering out. The Recon Scout is light enough in weight for a non-athlete to throw into a third-floor window, yet survives repeated 30-foot drops onto concrete. The associated wireless hand-held controller has a joystick to drive and steer the unit, and a TV screen to show what the camera in the unit sees. The units allow users to send in “eyes” where it’s not safe for people to go.”

The new device could help police, fire departments, SWAT teams, and security officials in numerous situations. From finding hostages to locating people in a burning building, the recon scout could help save lives while keeping authorities out of danger.

The Huffington Post reports that the new device isn’t being well-received by everyone. Amateur radio operators have protested the device since the recon scout would operate on the same band.

What do you think about the SWAT team’s new secret weapon?

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14 Responses to “SWAT Secret Weapon: Robotic Camera Goes In First To Survey Situation [Video]”

  1. Bob Ward

    will it be considered an act of violence upon a police officer if you damage this upon its intrusion to your home?

  2. Anonymous

    What if you pick it up and throw it in the toilet when it comes into your house?

  3. Anonymous

    Wow how 1984 is this little bugger? My trusty 12 gauge would take care of this.

  4. Steve Kravec

    I'm sorry, I think SWAT has gotten too safe/too technology dependent in their tactics over the last 25 years. I know each situation/event is different. However, when you had events like Columbine, and similar events… you had all these officers, with Full Body Armor, Armored Carriers, Battle Shields, standing outside behind their automobiles with guns pointing at buildings 100 yards away and the killers are just shooting the kids and people. I understand you have to do room by room searches, but sometimes you gotta take 3 guys say "Eff-It we are going in" and just blitzkrieg the situation…If were a bad guy I would grab it, smear some some Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce and throw it to the K9 Team….

  5. Cody Taylor

    Any criminal who doesn't notice one of these things being chucked into the same room should be ashamed.

  6. Anonymous

    this has been out for years; talk to the FCC about compliance and fines…

  7. Matthew C Mason

    Good initiative, bad judgement. It may keep officers out of harms way but the hostage takers are not going to be happy to see this thing come rolling in.

  8. Prince Arnold

    Can it climb stairs and open doors…lol or better yet see through walls? How does it react to water and does it have night vision? Does it work in the presence of a signal jammer? Just how durable is it? That thing is a joke.

  9. Anonymous

    That Cabin Looks like the one on Modern Warfare 2 Lol.

  10. Randy Melson

    This will be an invaluable addition to the "toolbox" of SWAT teams across America as they do God's work in ridding our streets of student loan defaulters and occasional marijuana users. Good job guys – you're true heros.

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