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Newt Gingrich Officials Drops Out Of GOP Primary, Doesn’t Immediately Endorse Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich Suspends GOP Primary campaign

Newt Gingrich on Wednesday officials dropped out of the GOP primary when he announced that he was suspending his campaign.

While Gingrich stopped short of endorsing Mitt Romney he offered his opinion on the upcoming President Obama and Mitt Romney campaign, declaring:

“Is Mitt Romney conservative enough? My answer is simple: Compared to Barack Obama? You know this is not a choice between Mitt Romney and Ronald Reagan. This is a choice between Mitt Romney and the most radical, leftist president in American history.”

Gingrich announced his campaign after a week of in-person and videotaped announcements allowed him to wind down his campaign which is now more than $4 million in debt. While Gingrich promised to endorse the frontrunner he was likely hoping for one more time in front of the spotlight, perhaps sharing a stage with Mitt Romney to formerly announce his endorsement.

The lack of endorsements immediately after both Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich dropped out of the GOP race shows the divide between the parties competitors, a fact that will likely be used against Mitt Romney by Obama supporters leading up to the November 2012 election.

While Newt Gingrich may have announced his plans to suspend his campaign he also provided a 20-minute list of his planned goals including advocating religious liberty, energy independence and efforts to circle the moon by 2015 among other goals.

While Gingrich barely acknowledged Romney it was Mitt who after the speech said of his fellow candidate:

“Newt Gingrich has brought creativity and intellectual vitality to American political life.”

Do you think the GOP has torn itself in too many directions to mend itself under Mitt Romney?

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5 Responses to “Newt Gingrich Officials Drops Out Of GOP Primary, Doesn’t Immediately Endorse Mitt Romney”

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  2. John Walter Montague

    I'm disgusted at the entire political system – it is so damm corrupt nobody can fix it. Any potentially great leader within a short amount of time falls prey to the Capitol Hill Gang. Democrats and Republican leaders are at fault for allowing the collapse of the U.S. ecomomy. We have no great leaders – only Actors and Puppets who say and do what they are told. Any Senator or Congressman having served more than (20) years in office is definately responsible for our economy's current state of affairs AND SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE BY ANY LEGAL MEANS NECESSARY.

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