Couple's Wedding Photoshoot Is Casket-Themed — Is The Marriage Dead From The Start

Couple’s Wedding Photoshoot Is Casket-Themed — Is The Marriage Dead From The Start?

A couple took casket-themed wedding photos. Why would they want to start off their marriage with thoughts of death? Do you think this lifetime relationship will last?

Their names are Jenny Tay, 29, and Darren Cheng, 30. They live in Singapore and have a life-interaction fascination with death, so to speak. Ironically, the couple’s livelihoods are grounded around funerals. To elaborate, the newly-weds come from undertaker-interested backgrounds — one of them, anyway — and decided to take on the profession for themselves.

As reports Techly, Jenny’s father has a heart for the innocent and those in dire-straits. He’s known for arranging free funerals for murder victims, the poor, and those people whom are deemed destitute.

The married couple says that wedding photos are supposed to be symbolic of important times in their lives. In an interview with Straits Times, Jenny is quoted as follows.

“When couples take wedding pictures, many of them think of something significant and meaningful to them – their favorite cafe, the place where they first met. Both of us are very passionate about our jobs, so I thought, why not?”

The couple doesn’t like to think of death with a negative connotation and are hoping to re-define its concept.

According to the same medium, Jenny’s husband, Darren, is working on a children’s book to give death a different view. It’s called Where Did Grandpa Go? The proposed viewpoint is supposed to help children understand what happens to people when they die.

Though the newlywed couple decided on coffin-themed wedding photos, husband Cheng was a bit surprised at wife Jenny’s suggestion. However, when he settled with the idea, he noted, “I am not superstitious and it makes sense.”

It’s not that the couple is obsessed with death and chose the theme based on spontaneity. There’s actual meaning and preposition behind the choice. So, to answer a question from earlier, no. The marriage is not dead from the start. On the contrary, with their unity and understanding, the theme could very-well show the opposite.

In a 2011 United States Census Bureau report, the average duration of marriage in the States was 20.8 years, at the time. And in a separate study from the Office of National Statistics in the United Kingdom, 34 percent of married couples were expected to divorce by the 20th year. Relevantly, the Australian Institute of Family Studies — as reports News-Australia — states that the average time it takes for couples to separate is approximately 8.7 years.

Couple's Wedding Photoshoot Is Casket-Themed — Is The Marriage Dead From The Start
Credits: Instagram

So, what about this couple? Though these aren’t statistics from Asian countries, do you think they correlate and could apply to the couple? Or does it vary based on cultural perspective and understanding of marriage?

As for the couple, the casket-theme wasn’t the only set of wedding photos taken. As reports Techly, they also did a Mr. and Mrs. Smith shoot as well.

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[Photo Credits: Instagram]