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‘Witcher 3’ New Game Plus Mode Detailed – See What You Keep With The New ‘Witcher 3’ Game Mode

Yesterday, the Inquisitr reported on the final slate of free DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the “New Game Plus (NG+)” mode coming to the game. While CD Projekt Red (CDPR) didn’t share too many details yesterday, today via the developer’s official forums there are some new facts about the Witcher 3 game mode to share.

Marcin Momot, CDPR’s Community Lead, posted in the forums what players can expect when trying out the NG+ mode coming to The Witcher 3. For players who finish the game lower than level 30, they will be brought up to that level. Players who are above level 30 will stay the same. Also, monsters are obviously going to be more powerful with the NG+ mode in The Witcher 3.

As far as what carries over to the new game mode, your experience, money and alchemy recipes will carry over, as well as the skills you’ve focused on while questing as Geralt before. For those who are interested in trying a new build, Momot mentions that players of the Witcher 3’s New Game+ mode will receive a Clearing Potion for free which can reset your skills.

Some, but not all, of your items will carry over to the new game mode. Your weapons and armor, as well as alchemy recipes and money will be kept in the NG+, but your quest items, books and letters, usable items and trophies will not. Interestingly enough, your Gwent cards will also not carry over, so for players who have spent a lot of time accumulating the best decks in the game you may want to think twice before starting anew.

While the New Game Plus mode for The Witcher 3 will inherently be more difficult, you can still choose which difficulty level to play The Witcher on, giving players plenty of choice when it comes to their playing preference. Also, those who play the NG+ mode will also receive the “Death Match” achievement, though its unclear if you get this simply by playing the game mode or by beating The Witcher 3 on the new setting.

This is the final piece of DLC given away for free by CD Projekt Red, who is also working on two expansions to The Witcher 3. This doesn’t mean that the developer will stop pushing updates and improvements out to the game, and if the most recent patch is any indication, it could be that these updates will add a considerable amount to the game if needed.

No release date has officially been confirmed for the New Game Plus, it’s likely it will release in the coming week or two if CDPR stays close to its normal DLC release schedule. What are your thoughts on The Witcher 3’s New Game Plus mode? Sound off in the comments below.

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