Justin Bieber Meets Teen Fan And Down Syndrome Boy On 'Knock Knock Live'

Justin Bieber Surprises Worthy People On ‘Knock Knock Live,’ Moves Twitter To Tears

Justin Bieber moved a formerly sick teenage fan, the father of a boy with Down Syndrome, and parts of Twitter to tears of joy after a heart-warming appearance on Ryan Seacrest’s Knock Knock Live, which Fox aired on Tuesday night.

Like David Beckham in last week’s premiere of the feel-good reality series, the Canadian star surprised two unsuspecting fans when he showed up and helped make their dreams come true.

After a difficult time in the public eye, the 21-year-old superstar’s (now) months of calm behavior, apologies, and a sweet turn on Knock Knock Live, triggered a flood of approving tweets from Justin Bieber fans and non-fans, the Wrap reports.

During the show, the “Where Are Ü Now” singer surprised a teenage fan named Ashley by escorting her to her quinceañera, (the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday), which she had missed after falling sick with meningitis.

Her illness meant Ashley couldn’t have her party when she turned 15. But despite doctors speculating that she wouldn’t survive, her mother claimed Bieber’s 2010 classic hit, “Pray,” inspired her daughter to endure her ordeal and recover.

On the program, the Biebs is seen rocking up to the family’s home with a camera crew in tow. Cue tears from everyone when he arrived.

“This is crazy. I’m shaking right now,” an excited Ashley said at one point. Bieber gave the teenager a selection of gowns to wear to the party. She eventually chose a snowball pink dress.

“You’re the princess, I’ll be your Prince Charming,” Bieber told Ashley in the limousine on the way to her quinceañera.

At one point, the singer enthusiastically yelled out “I love Ashley” while poking his head out of the window during the ride.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber and the lucky fan leaving her home for her belated birthday celebration)

After arriving outside the party venue, the heartthrob let Ashley in on the surprise. He told her he knew that she’d had a tough “last year” and missed out on her coming-of-age bash, before leading her inside to meet her friends.

The emotional high-point came when Justin and Ashley danced to “Pray.” After which, he gallantly kissed her hand.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The superstar kissed Ashley quinceañera after they danced to his song ‘Pray’)

When the show cut back to real time action in the Knock Knock Live studio, where Bieber sat with Ashley and her family, the young fan told Seacrest, “I was speechless, I thought I was dreaming,” when asked to recall the moment that she saw her idol on her doorstep. Ryan also gave the family $10,000 to help with medical bills.

There were more tears when the singer swung by a Los Angeles church to meet a single father (Nakia) and his toddler son, Noah, who has Down Syndrome.

Just before meeting the duo, Bieber explained to viewers what he was doing. “I’m actually here to see my boy Nakia and his son, Noah,” he said.

“His son actually has down syndrome and I’m kinda just here to give them some love and hopefully be able to bless them,” Bieber added, just before knocking on a door leading to the altar to Nakia’s great surprise and church-goers inside.

During the show, Nakia’s girlfriend revealed he struggled but managed the hard balancing act of working and giving his son the special attention he needs. She also said that Nakia had taught her about “love” and “patience.”

After introducing himself to the cute Noah, Bieber asked if he could see the youngster rap with his father.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Young Noah rapping at the church while Justin looks on)

After the little boy’s brief performance, Justin admitted on camera, “For me being able to just witness that, it almost brought tears to my eyes.”

The singer went on to gift a weeping Nakia with a $50,000 check from a Knock Knock Live sponsor. Before he did, he praised the hardworking father.

“It’s so amazing what you’re doing for this little guy,” Bieber told the dad. “You’re raising so much awareness for kids like this and I actually have something for you, I wanted to bless you.”

He continued, “I heard that you guys weren’t really doing so well and I have this for you,” referring to the check.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: It’s that moment)

Over a segment of Bieber drumming and taking a group snap with the congregation, Nakia expressed his shock that the singer was nothing like his former “bad boy” image.

“He is such an amazing guy,” Nakia said of Bieber. “It’s so funny how the media portrays people — and then when you meet them for yourself — they’re the exact opposite of what you’ve been told that they were.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber, Noah, his father Nakia and girlfriend Carmen in the ‘Knock Knock Live’ studio)

For his part, a seemingly emotional Bieber told him, “I just wanted to come here and bless you with that and basically meet you guys and let you guys know that you guys inspire me. I appreciate you and your family.”

The star previously tweeted Seacrest after filming Knock Knock Live, writing, “Something really special happened to me on #KnockKnockLive this Tuesday. Thanks (sic)”

He later added, “No better feeling than giving back.” After the show aired last night, Justin tweeted, “We all go thru things. God is good.”

A snapshot of fans and non-fans reactions to Bieber’s TV appearance last night follows.

Justin Bieber Surprises Teen Girl With Quinceañera, Meets Child Rapper In 'Knock Knock Live' Preview
(Photo: Justin Bieber hugging fan Ashley after surprising her at her home)

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