Apple new iPad shipping times improve

New iPad Shipping Times Drop To 3-5 Days For US Customers

Customers in the United States who have been waiting for their new iPad tablets to ship shouldn’t have to wait more than 3-5 days at this time. Apple on Wednesday updated its online store to reflect the new shipping times, marking a vast improvement over the 5 to 7 days noted on the company’s website just one week prior.

A quick examination of the Apple store shows that all models of the new iPad appear to be in line with the 3-5 shipping days regardless of data types offered, capacity options, carrier selection or connectivity.

Apple in the meantime appears to have fixed production issues experienced with units in the past, beefing up production of the new iPad at much faster speeds than the iPad 2, especially when considering that the device is already available in 56 countries.

While the United States and Canada are both offering 3-5 shipping day periods other countries such as Japan are still being quoted with standard five to seven day shipping numbers while parts of Europe are still being told one to two weeks.

In the meantime we can only assume that future Apple tablets, smartphones and other devices will continue to ship even more quickly as Foxconn continues to open new manufacturing plants and Apple continues to work with parts manufacturers who ensure the timely delivery of various components needed to build Apple based devices.

Does improved shipping times make you want the new iPad and other devices more or have you become accustomed to technology delays from major corporations?