Will Liam Payne, Michael Jackson Celebrate Birthdays Together For A Good Cause?

Liam Payne has a birthday coming up and it looks like he will be sharing it with Michael Jackson nearby — sort of.

Liam Payne has been touring with One Direction in America, and the band has reached the Midwest and Canada. After several great reviews from their Canadian audiences, the next leg of concerts will put Liam Payne and the 1D gents on the Great Lakes near the end of August.

On August 29, Liam Payne will celebrate his twenty-second birthday, and the city of Detroit is ready for the festivities. One Direction will have a concert in Detroit on that day — and Detroit 1D fans have a list of special details ready to give Liam Payne the best birthday yet.

For example, Michigan Live reports on July 27 that there is a hashtag circulating Twitter for #LiamsBirthdayBashDetroit. Within the retweets, there is a picture with details about how fans can celebrate Liam Payne’s birthday as an audience.

These kinds of pre-concert details for the audience are common for One Direction concerts — but this one is Liam Payne-specific. For instance, one command for audience members from @OTRA_Detroit is to hold up signs for Liam Payne saying that he is their hero right as he hits the high note for “You and I.”

Batman logos are also encouraged in association with any Liam Payne hero signs (due to his obsession with Batman).

On Twitter, other Detroit One Direction fans are creating moons and suns for Liam Payne’s birthday to display in the audience during “Night Changes.” There was also a suggestion on Twitter that Liam Payne fans in the Detroit audience can wear red bandanas.

Are the moon symbols also a sign that Michael Jackson will be attending the August 29 One Direction concert in Detroit to celebrate Liam Payne’s birthday?

As it appears, Michael Jackson is always celebrated on Liam Payne’s birthday for a very special reason that makes you wonder if it was simply in the stars for Liam Payne to be a “king of pop.”

What is the connection between Liam Payne and Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 — but his birthday is the same day as Liam Payne’s!

Liam Payne will be celebrating his birthday near the Great Lakes in Detroit — but Michael Jackson’s mom will be throwing MJ a birthday party near the Great Lakes, also.

If Liam Payne wants to celebrate his birthday early, he can join Michael Jackson’s mom at her annual charity event in remembrance of her son, the King of Pop.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Michael Jackson birthday event takes place a week earlier than his actual birthday. The charity festival will be held on August 21 and 22 starting at noon each day in Gary, Indiana.

Did Michael Jackson’s mom make the party a week early so Liam Payne could attend? Interestingly, Michael Jackson’s mom published a press release (that has been reposted by the Moonwalkers fan website) asking for celebrities to join the birthday charity festival.

Is it possible that Liam Payne could be one of the surprise celebrity guests for the Michael Jackson birthday celebration? After all, as a top Moonwalker, if Liam Payne attends Michael Jackson’s birthday party in Gary, Indiana, he could win the $5000 prize in the dance contest.

One Direction and Michael Jackson fans might want to take notice that Liam Payne will be playing a concert in Chicago on August 23 — just around the corner from Michael Jackson’s birthday party by about 45-miles.

But will Liam Payne want to attend Michael Jackson’s birthday party? One Direction fans have been known to capture video of Liam Payne singing Michael Jackson songs — and it is clear that Liam and One Direction are big fans of MJ.

[Feature image via Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images]