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Breitbart Coroner Dies of… Poisoning? What?!

andrew breitbart coroner poisoned

Andrew Breitbart’s coroner- the medical examiner that examined the right-wing media empire top dog’s body after he kicked it suddenly and scarily at the age of 43– has also died suddenly an under strange circumstances.

With no great love myself for Andrew Breitbart, I- like many others- was horrified to see him stricken down in the middle of the street by an apparent heart attack at forty-freaking-three. The man’s views and ability to twist information or invent it in its absence was both appalling and mind-boggling to behold, but even grudgingly, no one could deny he was damn good at what he did, even if “what he did” was not exactly noble.

And even if you did, like me, shout at the TV every time his pasty face and greasy hair appeared on it, there’s never much joy to be taken when a man with many young children and a young wife dies suddenly. By all accounts, Breitbart was a firecracker and electric- and even those who politically opposed him found that in one-on-one interactions, the media mogul was almost… likable.

So when Breitbart was felled at an age that is shockingly young, his cause of death was a large mystery. On April 20th, it was revealed that what got the veteran blogger in the end was the intensely ordinary heart failure, an ailment that could possibly be expected given the long hours sitting to which many successful bloggers must commit- coupled with his breakneck schedule and many media appearances and it would seem that Breitbart was burning the candle at both ends.

andrew breitbart cause of death

If you thought that Andrew Breitbart’s story ended there, however, it gets weirder. The coroner who examined Breitbart- 61-year-old Michael Cormier- himself died suddenly and under suspicious circumstances the very day Breitbart’s cause of death was released, April 20th. And it would appear that what killed Andrew Breitbart’s coroner died of arsenic poisoning, news sure to bring out conspiracy theorists who said all along that the Big Hollywood blogger’s sudden death at 43 itself was highly suspicious.

LAPD Lt. Alan Hamilton concedes that not only did Breitbart’s coroner die of poisoning, but that foul play cannot yet be ruled out:

“At this point, we haven’t ruled out foul play… It is one of the things being considered. We are waiting for the coroner’s results.”

Authorities noted that Breitbart’s coroner may have been exposed to the toxin naturally, and that the poisoning may have been accidental.

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43 Responses to “Breitbart Coroner Dies of… Poisoning? What?!”

  1. Christopher Soren Sky

    Careful Mr. Coroner. You too might become victim if you examine the coroner who examined Andrew. D:

  2. John M. Soos

    Breitbart was a pig! You reap what you sow. My wife died at 43 after hernia surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital because she developed blood clots in her legs causing a pulmonary edema. She didn't deserve it. Life happens. So, the loud mouth muck raker died, the world is better off with one fewer lying, truth twisting, money grubbing Fascist Conservative jerk. Death doesn't absolve you of all of the sins you committed in life and the things that Andrew Breitbart wrote and said negatively effected the lives of many people. So, while I won't rejoice in his death, I won't morn him either.

  3. Dagney Taggart

    Your wife probably did not deserve the end she got. But, who does? However, the next vicious words that you spew are a prime example of what you speak in the rest of your message. You reap what you sow. So, what will you reap, in the end, with the angry, spittle spewing, hate expressed in your message? And all this over a person who happened to disagree with you and was VERY successful at showing people how much he disagreed? Hmmmm? By the way, there is no FASCISM in true conservatism. Conservatives believe in the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION and want to return our government to its grounding and make them adhere to it. You have an arguement with that? Really??? The only fascism people with common sense are seeing in this day and age are in crony capitalists, the Marxists/Socialist/Anarchists/Liberals/Communists and Statists of the Democrat/Green/Socialist Parties, most unions (especially the GOVERNMENT unions), and 99.9 percent of Hollywood. LOL.

  4. Randy Brown

    Andrew Breitbart was not worthy of being contemplated in death. The world is better off with him dead. It would be better still if he'd never lived. So the closest we can get to the latter is to not give him the reward of being a topic of discussion. That's what he'd have wanted. But nothing would irk him more than to be rendered completely irrelevant and to be totally ignored. So can we just move on and never talk about him again?

  5. Dagney Taggart

    And, yet you felt compelled to make your post on the very subject we should all ignore. You are quite free to ignore him either in life or in death. The fact that you made this post speaks more about you than about the subject you were attempting to discredit and demean.

  6. Randy Brown

    I only regret he didn't die twenty years sooner.

  7. Tim Jaramillo

    You people are not only pathetic but naive to boot. A bunch of bitter worthless souls who denounce and ridicule anything that may inconvenience your delicate predispositions. The people that have posted about how glad you were that he died are by far the most hypocritical people I have had the displeasure of coming across. You were glad he died because of how "terrible of a person he was,; yet, you sit there and mock his passing….Who is the real piece of trash. This article was obviously written by a worthless naive writer such as yourselves…..Go back to your little hole where only the information that pleases you can reach. Continue hiding yourselves from reality in order to perpetuate your obtuse perspective.

  8. Dagney Taggart

    Randy Brown Wow. Nice. AB got under your skin, huh? Proves how effective he was. People like you who show your true feelings, finally, will make droves run from liberalism. Keep it up!

  9. Dagney Taggart

    Randy Brown Wow. Nice. AB got under your skin, huh? Proves how effective he was. People like you who show your true feelings, finally, will make droves run from liberalism. Keep it up!

  10. David Wangberg

    "The world is better off with him dead."
    Your world, probably.

  11. Randy Brown

    Lying douchebags don't rate real high in my world. I guess they do in yours. Makes me glad I don't live in your world.

  12. David Wangberg

    I didn't care too much for the guy, but to say someone is "better off dead" is downright despicable.

  13. Randy Brown

    Andrew Breitbart was downright despicable. He made a living by lying and destroying other people's lives. I'm glad he's dead. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

  14. Arthur Jones

    The reporter said Breitbart twistedor invented information, yet he failed to give an instance.Typical of most if not all liberal media circus reporters.

  15. David L Sadler

    So your wife reaped what she sowed…lifes a bitch then then you die, your full of hate so you well also reap…enjoy.

  16. Anonymous

    Read this book: "Admit the Horse." The night I read it, I couldn't sleep. Novel about Hillary supporters being intimidated, harassed, and yes, killed by Obama thugs. Sold as fiction, but if you saw cheating at caucuses and other crap pulled by Obama supporters, it reads like what I saw happen. It's all there: bullshit by ACORN, fraud, overseas campaign contributions etc. Look at Obama is already going after Romney donors. Look how DOJ is closing done guitar -makers that are big Republicans. I'm telling you, Obama and his goons are capable of anything.

  17. Anonymous

    Frankly you're an idiot if you dont think it's suspicious that Breitbart dies after threatening Obama and now the coroner dies. It's not that easy for an educated scientist to poison themselves with arsenic.They know what kind of precautions are necessary to take to be safe. New novel based on 2008 election documents lots of suspicious deaths linked to Obama: Congressman (Gillmore) investigating ACORN, Hawaii Records worker, Dem Party Chair from AR( Bill Gwatney). Get the book and see for yourself. "ADMIT THE HORSE" on Amazon. It will freak you out.

  18. Dawn Buster

    HAFUCKINHA! you betcha 😉 god killed this SOB. Amen.

  19. Dawn Buster

    oh me oh my! right-wing toolio conspiracy!? you betcha 😉 wink!

  20. Benjamin Christopher Junk

    So you mean that by expressing his views Breitbart sshould have died or been killed? He was a person, just like your wife. He expressed a different view than yours, but is calling him names and trampling his grave either kind or proper? You claim Breitbart a fascist, yet he never forced anyone to do anything; the same can not be said of many leaders from both sides of the aisle. How do you expect our country to find some common ground when there's a report of a mysterious death that even a person who is biased against him can see, but all you prefer to do is hate? Sad state of affairs I'm afraid.

  21. Ryan Ansloan

    Dawn Buster can you please actually add to a conversation or can you just detract?

  22. Dave Thrush

    Wow, another "tolerant", "peace loving" liberal…how predictable you all are.

  23. Dave Thrush

    Sounds familiar, Remember Vince Foster and the myriad people that died "accidentally" from Arkansas to the White House surrounding the Clintons?

  24. Sue Morgan

    Andrew never needed to twist. Mostly he untwisted lies told by the left.

  25. Kevin Joseph

    Perhaps soos is 'more of a pig' than his [imagined] enemies.

  26. Kevin Joseph

    Perhaps soos is 'more of a pig' than his [imagined] enemies.

  27. Jerry J Mercer

    Breitbart's death and coroner's death reeks of CIA or similar. KGB used similar tactics. This was just before Breitbart was to release damaging info on Obama. Do I suspect Obama? Oh, yeah!

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