Ray J Scoops $1 Million For Shaving Gel Ad

Chris Greenhough

Ray J has been paid a cool million dollars for his latest gig: a shaving gel ad for Prince Reigns shaving serum.

In the billboard ad (above), J is seen embracing paparazzi favorite Sophie Monk in a spa, with Monk herself dripping with diamonds. Oh, and did we mention Monk is also getting $1 million for this shot? Yeah, apparently Prince Reigns sells pretty well. Well enough to pay two dead-eyed aspirational scrotewads $2 million to push shaving cream.

Ray J is the ‘singer-turned-reality TV star’ who is still most famous for appearing on the Kim Kardashian sex tape in a … starring role. (When J was spotted leaving his home last week with Monk, the rumor mill went into overdrive, suggesting he and Monk were an item. Not so – turns out they were heading out together for this very shoot.)

Monk … I have no idea.

Anyway, regarding their mysterious appearance together at Ray J’s pad, Monk later explained:

“I had to tell my mum that I had been over to Ray J’s house but I was there for a modelling job for a new campaign for Prince Reigns, and I left at 3:30 and the only picture taken of me was at 3:30 in the afternoon when I arrived.”

People, does this image give you a burning desire to buy a crate of Prince Reigns RIGHT NOW?