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‘The Witcher 3’ Is Getting A New Game Plus Mode For Its Final Free DLC

For fans who were asking for it, The Witcher 3 will in fact be getting a “New Game+” mode. CD Projekt Red made the announcement earlier today, and are billing the new game mode as the final piece of the 16 free installments of DLC for fans who purchased The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 new Game Plus
It is finally coming to the game: New Game + Mode

The Witcher 3’s “NG+” mode will go live soon, though CDPR has announced that it will not hit this week. According to their Facebook page, this addition still needs a bit more work before they can release it to the public.

“New Game+, the final DLC, is on the way and, of course, it’s completely FREE! Stay tuned for more info regarding the release. It won’t happen this week though – we need a little bit more time to finish it.”

New Game+ typically adds another level of difficulty and unlocks when a player has completed the main game. This mode usually offers players the chance to playthrough the game again with an increased level of difficulty, but they retain their skills and items from the previous playthrough. While Witcher 3 fans have been asking for this, not everyone is happy this is coming to the game, as they feel it could strip away some of the things which made the first playthrough so great: the exploration, the experimenting with skills, and hunting for that amazing armor and weapons you obtained along the way.

Regardless of how players feel, this release gives the impression that CDPR listens to the fans of The Witcher 3 and gives them what they want. While it’s plausible that the NG+ mode was planned from the start, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Witcher 3 developer made the decision to add it into the game after seeing the fan outpouring for the game mode.

Previous DLC given to fans at no extra charge have included new weapons, character outfits, and an update that added an entirely new movement system other than what was already in place in The Witcher 3. CD Projekt Red still has expansion plans with The Witcher 3, and the two expansions look to add 30 hours on top of the already long and stellar gameplay. Those expansions are already being worked on, and the first one, Hearts of Stone, is slated to release this October.

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