Dog Guards Bike Video

Dog Guards Bike Then Hops On For Ride [Video]

A video from China shows a golden retriever guarding its owner’s bicycle while curious spectators are strolling by smiling and giggling in amusement, entertained by the loyal canine. The owner eventually appears and the dog, while exhibiting a great deal of excitement, climbs up onto the bicycle and the pair ride away.

The retriever keeps his two front paws on the bicycle in order to convey the protected status of the bicycle to random onlookers who can be seen driving and walking by. Those onlookers who appear to notice the odd event seem to be amused and not the least bit threatened by the seemingly well-trained companion.

In what is quite possibly the most entertaining aspect of the video, the dog emits a single bark in order to signal the owner that he is safely aboard the bike. After which point, the owner begins to peddle away.

To those who happened to notice the narrow seat that the dog is carefully perched upon, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that one enthusiastic reader happened to notice exactly this and manifested a website, Best Dog Ever, in order to raise funds for a larger and more comfortable seat for the incredible canine.

While not quite as cute the adorable fawn on doorstep video or heartwarming as the dying woman pleading for access to a potentially life extending drug video, this footage of a dog guarding a bicycle in China has certainly brought a smile to my face.

When it comes to man’s best friend, this golden retriever guarding his master’s bicycle undoubtedly ranks amongst the best in the world.

With a dog like this, who needs a bike lock?

Golden Retriever Guards Bicycle Video:

Source: Y! News Sideshow Blog