Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls: Popular K-Pop Group Teases Fans For Their ‘REBOOT’ As They Comeback As A Band

Earlier this year, the K-pop community became ecstatic when news broke that Wonder Girls would be making their much-anticipated return to the Korean music scene. This is a couple of years after the K-pop group went on a hiatus due to Sunye’s marriage and pregnancy, and Sohee’s departure. Now they are coming back and fans are anticipating, while their competition, Girls’ Generation, are preparing.

Now, Wonder Girls have appeased the anticipation of their fans by releasing teaser photos of their upcoming album titled REBOOT. Not only that, it shows fans the new direction Wonder Girls will be taking: as a four-member band.

According to a report by Korean website Naver, through Soompi, JYP Entertainment — the label Wonder Girls is signed to — released a couple of teaser images of them as a four-member band, a major change from their initial beginnings as a five-member K-pop group.

Wonder Girls Reboot One
JYP Entertainment released two promo pictures of Wonder Girls as a four-member band. This is their first promo picture.

The two pictures were captioned, “Wonder Girls the 3rd Album Teaser Image” through their official SNS account. A lot can be discerned from the two pictures. First, Yeeun, Yubin, Sunmi, and Hyelim are dressed in similar swimsuit-like outfits and black heels. It matches perfectly with their intense makeup and fierce poses. Finally, each member is holding onto their respective instruments. Yubin will be in charge of drums, Sunmi is in charge of bass, Hyelim is in charge of guitar, and Yeeun is in charge of keyboards.

Wonder Girls Reboot 2
This is the second promo picture released by JYP Entertainment.

Though the aforementioned information sheds light on how Wonder Girls will be as a four-member band, there is one bit of information that is the most important of them all. K-pop fans now know REBOOT will release on August 3, 2015, less than two weeks away as of the publication of this article. Once that day arrives, the big question being asked among their fans will finally be answered. How will Wonder Girls work as a four-member band after years as a five-member group that depended on catchy lyrics and choreography?

[Featured Image via Nate, Post Images via JYP Entertainment]