Justin Bieber And Ruby Rose Hang Out Again

Justin Bieber And Ruby Rose Hang Out In Hollywood And Fans Can’t Get Enough

Justin Bieber and Ruby Rose’s recently Twitter-sparked friendship appears to be grooving along nicely in real life.

According to witnesses, the beautiful pair dined at the sushi-specialist, Katsuya restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard on Sunday, (July 26).

They were joined by Justin’s friend, John Shahidi, who is the co-founder of the Shots app that the “Where Are Ü Now” singer invests in.

Both Justin, 21, and Ruby, 29, posted pics from their hangout. Alongside the snap below, the heartthrob’s caption reads, “Dinner with friends @rubyrose @johnny.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber, Ruby Rose, and John Shahidi pictured at a Hollywood eatery on Sunday, July 26)

The Orange is the New Black actress re-shared the snap on Instagram, adding the funny note “@johnny me and.. I dunno some up and coming artist…”

And if anyone’s wondering what Ruby and Justin talked about when they got together, one pic of the Biebs poring over Rose’s tattoos answers that question.

The self-declared “genderfluid” star posted the following candid, with the caption, “I have so much time for these two boys. @justinbieber @johnny.”

The pic was liked by almost 95,000 fans in one hour, and is now heading north of 164,000.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The Biebs intently looking at Rose’s tattoos. Looking for inspiration?)
Justin Bieber
(Photo: Ruby, Justin, John, Rudy, Maia and other pals at Katsuya)
Justin Bieber
(Photo: Tattoo talking)

The trio were joined by friends including Viner Rudy Mancuso and his girlfriend, actress-singer Maia Michelle. The group also spent time at Shahidi’s home watching movies and playing ping pong.

The CEO posted a video of the group, captioned, “Blasting that new @kaskade.”

Based on the thousands of likes of the photos shared by Ruby and Justin, their social media followers seem to be delighted by the duo’s ongoing relationship.

On Twitter, one of the Melbourne-native’s fans, wrote “Looking like brother/sister. (sic)”

Another fan on Instagram praised: “@justinbieber @rubyrose Love this friendship. Sweet and real.”

One Twitter user noticed a hairstyle similarity between Justin and a Titanic-era Leonardo DiCaprio.

Other fans raved about the pair’s good looks. Some insisted Bieber and Rose were look-a-likes, while others commented that they are “nothing alike.” Either way, the resemblance meme isn’t lost on the two stars.

Following their Twitter conversation, Justin and Ruby met up for the first time at an Encore Beach Club party in Las Vegas in June. The pair posted pics from their meet, one of which the Biebs captioned, “My Twin.”

At the time, Rose quipped, “Twinning” by the same shot.

Justin Bieber

It’s got to be said, the Justin BieberRuby Rose relationship is easy on the eye and cute to watch.

Moreover, by becoming buddies, the two stars have taken ownership of the misgendering “joke” and turned it into something far sweeter — a blossoming friendship.

Justin Bieber

[Images via Instagram / Shots]