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Robin Gibb Could Be Released From Hospital Within A Week

Robin Gibb, the ailing Bee Gees star who recently slipped into a coma before awakening after 12 days against all expectations, could be released from hospital within a week.

That’s according to a friend of the singer, who told The Daily Mirror, “There is a very good possibility of him being discharged at the end of the week.” Gibb’s amazing recovery is said to have shocked doctors, who had warned Gibb’s family they should expect the worst.

The star, one of the three Bee Gees who took the pop and disco world by storm in the ’70s, fell into a coma and was said to be close to death after developing pneumonia following a procedure related to the intestinal issues that have plagued him in recent months. The pop star has also been battling liver and colon cancer.

The singer’s unnamed friend added, “Robin is still weak but getting better by the day. His recovery is nothing short of a miracle.”

Meanwhile, Gibb’s wife Dwina has been talking about her husband’s stunning recovery in detail with Hello! magazine. Dwina said the Bee Gees singer is now learning to eat and walk again, because his muscles atrophied while he was comatose. She told the magazine:

“He can’t wait to go out into the garden with our dogs, Ollie and Missie. But it’s going to be a long time before he’s strong enough to do that.”

Best of luck to Robin Gibb. By the sounds of it, it really has been a hell of a comeback.

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