Pamela Anderson is now officially trailer trash

Pamela Anderson may be already fairly considered trailer trash by many, but to really be trailer trash you have to meet one particular criteria: you have to live in a trailer.

Guess where Anderson now lives? According to Courtney Love (someone who’d know about trailer trash), plastic tits Pammy lives in a trailer park. “Pam Anderson doesn’t even have a credit card. And she lives in Paradise Cove — which is in Malibu, but it’s a trailer park in Malibu” Love tweeted.

Now admittedly this isn’t an average trailer park: a trailer in the park costs over $300,000, and homes in the same facility over $1 million, but it’s a trailer park none the less. It’s also said to be right on the beach at Malibu, so Pammy can we create her glory days on Baywatch. Very classy 🙂