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Munich Nympho Leaves Man Crying On Street After 36 Hour Sex Session

munich nympho leaves man crying in street after 36 hour sex session

A Munich nymphomaniac that holds men hostage for extended sex sessions left her latest victim crying on a Munich street after the ordeal reported the DailyMail.

Authorities found the victim, a 31 year old African male, on the street after being forced to have sex for over 36 hours with the sex addicted woman. While fighting back tears the victim told authorities:

“I met her on a bus. She invited me back here. It was hell. I can’t walk. Please help me!”

Apparently the 47 year old nymphomaniac, who has not been identified, was on her way back from a sexual addiction clinic when she crossed paths with her soon to be victim and invited him back to her place.

After a day and a half of forced intercourse with the woman the victim was able to finally make his escape by breaking down the door of her apartment while she was sleeping, much like her first victim.

The woman has been taken to a hospital for psychiatric observation.

The first victim of the Munich nympho, 43 year old Diieter Schulz, met the woman in a bar and went back to her apartment and found himself locked inside. They had sex several times and the woman only demanded more. Schulz was exhausted and refused. He managed to get to the balcony after she fell asleep and called the police saying:

“She is trying to kill me with sex. I cannot go out, and I cannot go on.”

Schulz is pressing charges of sexual coercion and deprivation of freedom.

According to police, when officers arrived to question the woman and help Schulz, she invited two of the officers to join her in bed for a quickie.

Take a look at the video below for more on sex addiction.

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19 Responses to “Munich Nympho Leaves Man Crying On Street After 36 Hour Sex Session”

  1. Louis Gallo

    Yeah i'd totally love for some 50yr old psycho whorebitch to force feed me viagra and rape me for a day and a half. -_-

  2. Craig Harrison

    I'm in munich alone in my hotel…….send her round! Lol

  3. Laura Scurrell

    hahaha! you know it pench! lol! i couldnt get over this…. poor sod and no, i dont do that to men lol! x

  4. Laura Scurrell

    Steve Partridge lol i know, it would be any mans fantasy surely!?

  5. Laura Scurrell

    hahaha! yeah good point Steve Partridge!… clearly not that much – poor bloke to have sex for 36 hours though! talk about shatter you out lol! x

  6. Christopher LaHaise

    I've a feeling none of the people commenting here can comprehend 36 hours. No food. No sleep. No bathroom. This… is pretty horrible.

  7. Joan Brown

    Some of y'all are laughing and making fun of the situation, but sex addiction, like any other addiction, is no joke! And to some of you male who think you can handle it, try and see if you can go a day and half or two days of straight sex and see what kind of laughing matter you come up with!

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