Halo 4 Getting Live-Action Web Series Ahead of Release

Microsoft has been known to put out live-action shorts ahead of the release of a Halo game, but with Halo 4 the company is planning on taking its live action promotional videos to the next level.

According to Variety, Microsoft will launch a full-blown live-action Halo 4 web series in the weeks leading up to the November 6 release of Halo 4. The series, known as ‘Forward Unto Dawn,’ will be shown on Machinima and on Halo Waypoint.

“Every time we do a live-action commercial the audience says, ‘We want to see more so that we can explore the ‘Halo’ universe a little bit more,” Frank O’Connor, Halo development director at 343 Industries, told Variety. “Demand grew more and more out of the two little vignettes we’d previously produced.”

The report says that Microsoft will be producing five episodes for the Halo 4 webseries, with each episode running about 15 minutes and airing every week. The series tells the story of how Master Chief inspired an up-and-coming UNSC cadet. The character, and the web series itself, are said to tie into the story of Halo 4 in some way, but details beyond that are light.

Variety reports:

Playing the games and reading the books or other “Halo” spinoffs is “a big commitment,” O’Connor said. “We needed a way to ensure there was a way for people to get onboard this universe without feeling intimidated.” As a result, the Web series is “an origins story that teaches you about a lot of different facets of the (‘Halo’) universe.”

You can find out more information on the upcoming live-action Halo 4 webseries by heading over to Variety.