Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black Is Back With New Music On The Way

Rebecca Black announced Thursday that she hasn’t disappeared off the face of the Earth; in fact, she has officially announced that she will be releasing some new music.

Now, before everyone cringes at the same time, according to Entertainment Weekly, Rebecca told those attending this year’s VidCon that her new music will be nothing like her infamous song “Friday.”

“It’s definitely not like ‘Friday’ or like ‘Saturday’ or anything I’ve really released, which is why I’m a little nervous about it,” the singer/YouTuber revealed on the People and Entertainment Weekly VidCon stage.

She also announced on YouTube that she was not only back to the video blogging world, but that she indeed has been working on some new music.

For those of you who have been following Rebecca since she became famous for her song “Friday,” you know that she’s become a pretty decent YouTuber. She posts all sorts of videos, many of which are of her actually singing covers of some hit music by other artists. Some readers may be surprised by the fact that Rebecca has a pretty decent voice.

If you haven’t checked out her YouTube channel, here are a few of her musical covers.

­­­­Rebecca Black stated that it wasn’t until recently that she’s been able to really get back into the music world, especially after the disastrous results from “Friday,” but with the help of a new producer, it looks like things are finally moving forward for the recent high school graduate.

“I found a producer that I could work with well and that really understood what I wanted,” Black said. “A lot of it beforehand was sort of like songs picked for me, and I wasn’t really cool with that. Once I started actually getting into the writing process and being a writer on every song and loving and really connecting with every song, I think we are creating something really magical.”

So the question becomes, is the world ready for Rebecca Black and her new “indie-alternative” sound? Check out what Twitter has had to say about it.

While some seem eager to hear some new stuff from Rebecca, there are still those that aren’t very interested in the idea of new music from the “Friday” singer.

Will you be checking out any of Rebecca Black’s new music once it’s released?

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