Miranda Lambert Sports A Beaming Smile In Her First Public Appearance After Announcing Divorce With Blake Sheldon [Video]

Singer Miranda Lambert appeared all smiles, beaming at the crowd, as she stepped onto the stage mere two days after her divorce from Blake Shelton was finalized.

Though the emotional wound had yet to begin healing, Miranda Lambert pleasantly surprised a euphoric crowd in Nashville on Wednesday. Incidentally, it was her first public appearance since the finalization of her divorce, but the singer didn’t let emotions bring her down. Lambert had released a joint statement with Shelton on Monday announcing their separation after four years of marriage.

However, when she stepped up to the stage during her friend’s, Ashley Monroe, show, Lambert showed no signs of sadness as she reciprocated with a beaming smile to the crowds who welcomed her with a big applause. Ashley Monroe was performing for an album release celebration, but the two jointly sang “Heart Like Mine,” and “Has Anybody Ever Told You” at The Basement in East Nashville.

Ashley Monroe & Friends was a live performance of songs from Monroe’s new album, The Blade, for the SiriusXM program The Highway. The new record is expected to be released this Friday, reported People. The “Friends” bit included country duo Striking Matches, Sam Palladio, Phillip Sweet, and Meghan Linsey.

Lambert looked ravishing in a knee-length little black summer dress and studded black cowboy boots, with the only thing missing being her wedding & engagement rings. She had styled her hair in a straight bob and adorned her LBD with chunky silver jewels. Regardless of her split with Blake Shelton, Lambert appeared in a great mood and even attempted make fun of her dress, saying she bought it from Target, the store which has recently come under fire for materializing women with their “Trophy” dress.

Despite the show of courage and strength, Lambert couldn’t help getting a little emotional, reported U.S. Weekly, citing concertgoer Randal Peterson.

“[She] got a little sad when she first started singing the song, but looked over at Ashley and they both smiled.”

However, she soon found her groove and beamed to the crowds. She was seen singing and dancing and even appeared to mouth a few words to keep in tune with her best friend and co-performer, Monroe. When the song ended, Monroe and Lambert shared a long hug. Monroe even kissed Lambert on the forehead, presumably to wish her good luck.

The friendship between Monroe and Lambert is more like a sisterhood, and the duo have performed live on many occasions earlier. Their duet, “You’ve Got a Friend,” is one of the highlights of their performance. Speaking about the relation, Miranda Lambert had once said the following.

“You can tell our love for each other is so real and there’s such a strong bond there.”

[Image Credit: Sara Kauss / Getty Images]