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Stephen King To US Government: Raise My F**king Taxes Already!

Novelist Stephen King has joined billionaire investor Warren Buffett as a member of the uber-rich who is attempting to have taxes raised on America’s richest citizens.

In a more “colorful” approach than that offered by the Berkshire Hathaway CEO the horror book writer this week proclaimed “Tax Me, for F***’s Sake.”

King then goes on to write for the Daily Beast:

“The majority would rather douse their d**ks with lighter fluid, strike a match, and dance around singing ‘Disco Inferno’ than pay one more cent in taxes to Uncle Sugar.”

King goes on to note that while he and his wife give out more than $4 million per year to charity, many of the countries uber-rich pay out their taxes and then sit on their “dough.” King writes:

“And hey, why don’t we get real about this? Most rich folks paying 28 percent taxes do not give out another 28 percent of their income to charity. Most rich folks like to keep their dough. They don’t strip their bank accounts and investment portfolios, they keep them and then pass them on to their children, their children’s children. And what they do give away is—like the monies my wife and I donate—totally at their own discretion. That’s the rich-guy philosophy in a nutshell: Don’t tell us how to use our money; we’ll tell you.”

As Stephen King so rightly points out, America’s richest men and women wouldn’t have their riches if it wasn’t for America, they should therefore be protecting their investment by remembering which country’s citizens needs their help and made them rich in the first place.

King goes on to dispel the “job creators” myth, pointing out that investments are largely made in overseas company’s because of “anti-American” job practices set forth by the US government.

Check out the full King post at the Daily Beast and you might just find his scariest true-to-life piece of literature yet.