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New from Japan: Breast Bowling


You’ve got to love the Japanese: every time you think you’ve seen the most bat-shit crazy thing, they go one better.

Take for example this game show that involves competitors trying to get the closest to the breasts of a bikini clad woman on a roller board, but without actually touching the breasts. Sort of ten-pin bowling except you have to stop short of the two pins. But because this is Japan, there has to be at least one shock, and there is: an electric shock to be precise, if you go to far and find your face firmly planted between the breasts at the end of the course.

Here’s a sport that is likely coming to a University near you in the not too distant future: breast bowling.

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5 Responses to “New from Japan: Breast Bowling”

  1. dave

    and people wonder why I live in Japan – getting that electric shock is a small price to pay for losing at this game!

  2. Chuck

    Where do I sign up? It would be worth the electric shock just to be able to get that “close” to such an attractive Japanese girl!

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