All looks fine up top for Kanye ...

Kanye Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction On Kim Kardashian Date [Pics]

Kanye West endured a brief wardrobe malfunction while hitting the town with new girlfriend Kim K.

The rapper, who actually enjoys a reputation of being a well-dressed individual, was snapped stepping out of a car with Kardashian just as his trousers started to fall down. Paparazzi captured a considerable portion of Kanye thigh before West buckled up (see below). It was in stark contrast to Kardashian, who looked every inch the perfectly-groomed skinwaster.

The 34-year-old West and Kardashian, 31, were arriving back at the rapper’s apartment after a romantic dinner date at a Manhattan eatery when Kanye’s leather trousers decided to head south.

Witnesses say that Kanye and Kim both looked debonair during their meal, but after the car journey home, it was a different story. Maybe one too many desserts had been consumed? That’s the cleanest explanation I can think of. We’re a family site.

Earlier on that day, Kardashian had appeared with sister Khloe and brother-in-law Lamar Odom and took to the basketball court to shoot some hoops.

Lamar had taken Kim and Khloe to his hometown of Queens in New York, to show the privileged pair where he had grown up. Following their spot of sporty fun, the reality TV star made a quick change and headed out to meet West.

If you’ve been dwelling under a nice rock recently, the pairing of West and Kardashian has been building up for months. At the start of April, it was confirmed the two are now dating, with West reportedly describing Kardashian as ‘his Beyonce.’

Here’s the full shot of Kanye’s wardrobe slippage:

... but downstairs is a different story.