Lily Rabe AHS 5 Hotel

Lily Rabe ‘AHS 5: Hotel’: Fan Favorite To Return As Bone-Chilling New Character

When American Horror Story‘s production team revealed that Lily Rabe wouldn’t be returning to the show’s fourth season, Freak Show, many fans collectively lost their heads. After all, Lily has been one of the show’s most beloved mainstays since the show’s original run. Sister Mary Eunice was widely regarded as one of the most interesting of AHS 2, and when Rabe’s demon-possessed nun appeared by surprise last season in a flashback, fans went wild hoping that it meant she wasn’t done with the franchise.

Those who were happy with just a cameo from Lily on Freak Show will be ecstatic to hear that she will be returning as a main character on AHS 5, according to a scoop just published by Entertainment Weekly. Rabe will be playing a serial killer when she makes her return to the American Horror Story universe in Hotel.

Diehard Lily fans are already losing it on social media over the announcement — welcome news for those who are still reeling over news that some other actors won’t be making it back for AHS 5: Hotel.

As usual, Rabe will join the rest of the American Horror Story cast during the Halloween month of October later this year. AHS 5: Hotel will be the first in the show’s history not to be led by Oscar-winning actress Jessica Lange, instead replacing her with pop singer Lady Gaga. That likely means while Gaga is performing alongside Lily, she will be spending a lot of time singing, just like Jessica last season as Elsa Mars. Lange herself made a comment while on an AHS panel earlier this year that some interpreted as a jab at Gaga’s ability to fill her role on the show, reported Inquisitr.

In addition to the reappearance of Lily Rabe on AHS 5, many of the other familiar faces will be coming back for Hotel. Matt Bomer, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock, Chloe Sevigny, Wes Bentley, and Cheyenne Jackson have all been confirmed to return this year.

[Image via American Horror Story]