Josh Hutcherson Caught Buying Whiskey While Underage

‘The Hunger Games’ Star Josh Hutcherson Uses Fake ID To Purchase Alcohol

‘The Hunger Games’ Star Josh Hutcherson isn’t happy about the 21-year-old drinking age in the United States and he let that fact be known on April 18 when he was spotted leaving a Ralphs supermaker in Los Angeles with a $170 bottle of Macallans in his shopping bag.

The 19-year-old recently told an insider that he doesn’t agree with the drinking age and so he used a fake ID to trick the supermarket worker into giving up the bottle of Macallans.

Hutcherson several weeks ago told a TMZ cameraman that he wasn’t a fan of the 21-year-old drinking age, noting:

‘I think the age to go to war is 18, so I think the drinking age should be 18 as well.”

I say that sounds fair, if Josh Hutcherson goes to war for his country he should be able to drink, until then perhaps he should stick to acting in action movies directed at teenage girls.

While Hutcherson may have bragged about his fake ID exploits he could be charged, fined and even spend up to 6 months in jail for using a fake id.

A spokesman for Ralph’s said of the sale:

“We strictly enforce all laws relating to the sale of alcohol to minors. We will investigate these allegations and take any steps necessary.”

The bottle in question is believed to have been the Macallan Estate Reserve which contained 43 percent alcohol and is distilled in Moray in the Scottish Highlands.

At least the actor at his young age has great taste in Whiskey.