Eat snakes live

South African Preacher: Eat Snakes Live And They’ll Turn Into Chocolate

Penuel Mnguni, a Soshanguve pastor, is urging his congregants to eat snakes live, telling them they will then turn into chocolate. Images have appeared online of his followers as they lean back, open their mouths and literally eat snakes live.

The SPCA in South Africa has been investigating whether Penuel Mnguni of the End Times Disciples Ministries is guilty of animal cruelty by ordering his followers to eat snakes live.

According to Andrew Kekana, a spokesman for the SPCA they are investigating Mnguni’s actions to find out if he is being cruel to snakes.

“A snake can’t be fed to a human being, especially if it’s alive, that’s cruel. We’re busy with the investigation. We give assurance that if necessary we’ll charge the person.”

However, getting back to the whole tasting like chocolate story, according to the Metro, several of the congregation said it was true.

“I did as I was commanded and tasted the chocolate. It was different but tasted good.”

According to another member, “I was not sure at first but when I bit the snake I realized it was the best chocolate I have ever eaten.”

EWN reports Mnguni believes in divine transformation. He is the understudy of another pastor, Lesego Daniel, who convinced his congregation to swallow petrol, which would then transform into pineapple juice.

Drinking petrol is bad, but when it comes to living creatures, things are a little more serious. According to Kekana from the SPCA, most snakes in South Africa are protected. They visited the church but could not find any snakes on the premises and didn’t actually see anyone eat snakes live but the images of the congregants spoke volumes.

Besides the SPCA being up in arms about the safety of snakes, recently Reverend Thamin Mvambo of the National Interfaith Council of South Africa also condemned Mnguni’s actions, saying that such practices are harmful to society and that they commercialize religion.

“Any kind of religion that propagates ideas that are unacceptable, we cannot support that.”

“Their claims are not even founded in any scripture; [these are] things that they are actually propagating out of their own minds.”

Eventually the Tshwane SPCA did lay charges against the pastor, and he has since been released on bail, but he will be appearing in the Ga-Rankuwa magistrate’s court Monday on charges of cruelty to animals.

Apparently Mnguni told the court that he doesn’t keep the snakes on the premises, but picks them up whenever he sees them and offers them to his congregants. He even admitted to feeding lizards to his followers. He has also, in the past, fed his congregants on grass and hair.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]