Suicide Squad glass

‘Suicide Squad’ Glass Cleanup Photo Released: Sign Of A Shootout?

Suicide Squad director David Ayer released another picture from the set of the film on his Twitter page.

However, it was not an official shot of the cast or crew. It was not an impressive picture of an iconic building or landmark that DC fans and critics are yearning to see in the highly-anticipated film.

No, this time around Ayer decided to share a picture of a bucket filled with glass that was apparently used during the current filming of the movie.

Ayer posted the picture on his official Twitter page Saturday with a simple caption: “Cleanup. Sometimes you have to break some glass.”

Observing what is inside the bucket leads to possible conclusions and speculation. For instance, there are apparently bullets mixed in with the shattered pieces of broken glass.

Therefore, this Suicide Squad photo could be the aftermath of a major shootout scene that David Ayer recently filmed or is currently filming.

Either way, the excitement and enthusiasm of Suicide Squad is still riding pretty high with many fans and critics – especially after the panel discussions and interviews about the movie which were conducted at San Diego Comic-Con.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a major highlight of San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) was the premiere of the first official Suicide Squad trailer.

After it was leaked without permission, the impressive trailer was officially released by Warner Brothers – and it has impressed excited fans and formerly skeptical critics alike ever since.

Chances are that David Ayer will continue to stimulate the appetite of the film’s fans via social media until the film officially wraps production.

Therefore, Suicide Squad fans will continue to dissect and closely examine every single “clue” that he releases – even if it is just another bucket of broken glass.

[Image Credit: David Ayer Twitter]