Bridesmaids killed

Bridesmaids Killed: 4 Women Killed By Drunk Driver During Girls’ Weekend In Long Island

Four bridesmaids were killed in Long Island when a drunk driver hit the limousine they were riding in. The crash occurred on Saturday when Steve Romeo, 54, ran his pickup truck into the limo, practically causing it to split in two. According to Mail Online, Brittany M. Schulman, 23, Lauren Baruch, 24, Stephanie Belli, 23, and Amy R. Grabina, 23, lost their lives in the crash.

Joelle M. Dimonte, 25, Melissa Angela Crai, 23, Alicia Arundel, 24 and Olga Lipets, 24, along with, the limo driver Carlos Pino, 58, were all injured in the crash, as was the bride-to-be, and another unidentified woman. It is unknown how bad these injuries are, but at least one person is still listed in serious condition.

The bridesmaids killed were initially reported to be celebrating the bride’s bachelorette party, but reports indicate that they were just out on the town celebrating someone’s birthday when the unthinkable happened.

According to Sky News, the limo was trying to make a U-turn when the pickup truck T-boned it. Police that responded to the crash describe it as “one of the worst” they had ever seen.

“He [the pickup driver] hit the brakes right before and he broadsided the limo right on the passenger side. This is one of the worst accidents I’ve ever seen,” said Southold Police Chief Martin Flatley via KRON 4.

After the accident, the pickup driver took off on foot. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Romeo was later found by police, and was taken to Eastern Long Island Hospital in Greenport to be treated for injuries that he sustained in the accident (believed to be minor). Police are reportedly guarding him “at all times,” and plan to arrest him when he’s discharged. He will likely be charged with DUI and could face four murder charges.

The bridesmaids killed were reportedly going on a winery tour that day and had chosen to take a limo to be sure that they were all safe, and that they could all drink wine without worrying who would have to drive home. Sadly, Mr. Romeo did not take his drinking into consideration, and his decision to get behind the wheel cost four people their lives.

[Photo via CBS New York / Twitter]