Katherine Jenkins Makes A Statement With Midriff Baring Top

Katherine Jenkins, Welsh singer and contestant on the current season of “Dancing With the Stars,” was recently seen cuddling up with co-star Derek Hough at a local Los Angeles nightclub.

The Daily Mail has made a bold statement on Friday that the 31 year old singer’s outfit is a bold statement to Hough.

Jenkins had just left the airport, after a return flight from New York, where she appeared on Live! With Kelly, along with dance partner Mark Ballas.

The singer sported a black knit crop top shirt, emblazoned with the words “I like you” on the front. Underneath she wore a plain white tank top, and paired it with a long, blue floral skirt.

According to the report, Katherine Jenkins was casual in New York. she was spotted wearing blue jeans and a sleeveless white blouse when she appeared on the show.

The usually humble Welsh woman appears to have more confidence in herself, especially after appearing on “Dancing With the Stars.”

The singer wore an even racier ensemble in Los Angeles while doing promotional rounds with Ballas. He, on the other hand, covered up in a leather jacket and had, which matched his shirt and tie.

Jenkins’s polka dot bra was on display underneath a brown button down sheer shirt, as she signed autographs for people waiting outside the building. The Daily Mail reports that:

“There’s no doubt she caught the attention of many as she signed autographs to those waiting outside the building.”

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