‘Pretty Little Liars’: Will Fans See A Season 8 On ABC Family?

Pretty Little Liars is current airing Season 6 on ABC Family, but there is a chance of even more drama and mayhem ahead. In fact, fans can expect not only a Season 7, but there is a possibility that a Season 8 could air on the cable network.

William DeBiasio revealed that possibility on his Twitter. He is a set decorator for the series. Spoiler TV shared the tweets that contain interaction with a fan of the series. After he mentioned Season 7, the fan asked about the possibility of a season after that, and he replied to the fan.

Pretty Little Liars has become a definite hit for ABC Family, and it is planning a major change for the second half of Pretty Little Liars Season 6. When the series returns, there will be a time jump of five years. The girls will have left their teen years behind. The events of the summer finale will set up the time jump.

Marlene King spoke about the big summer finale with Entertainment Time Online.

“It gets as dark as we could possibly go on Pretty Little Liars. It’s been so exciting. Everybody brought their ‘A’ game for his episode so it does get dark. There were a lot of tears in this episode — both from all the actors and then while we were making it. I was sitting at that monitor crying on multiple occasions. It’s exciting! The final true unmasking of ‘A’ is really exciting, but to hear the story — it’s so compelling, and to know that this is also the end of a story that we started telling so many years ago, it’s bittersweet.”

As for the time jump, King revealed that the cast was instrumental in the decision to jump the action in the series forward five years. The actresses have left their teen years behind, and it is now time to speed things up in Rosewood and have them tackle more adult problems.

Those adult problems could include marriage. King teased that there are “engagement rings flying around when we come back for the premiere.”

For now, fans will need to see what happens next as the girls get ready for prom. A previous Inquisitr report shared spoilers for that episode. The summer finale will air in August.

What do you think? Are you excited about the possibility of a Season 8 of Pretty Little Liars? The series will continue to air on Tuesday nights on ABC Family.

[Photo: ABC Family]