Viral Video: Eight-Year Old Encouraged To Beat Up Five-Year Old While Adult Records Fight

A video of an eight-year-old girl beating up a five-year-old girl, while being encouraged by an adult, has gone viral on the internet.

In the video, the five year old girl is shown sitting on top of an air conditioning unit, seemingly minding her own business, as an adult encourages the older eight-year old to fight the younger girl. The ages of the girls are approximate, until their true identities are realized.

The two young girls are encouraged to fight as an adult screams out, “go up to her face.” After the five-year old is pushed off of the air conditioning unit, she stands up and tries to move away from the older girl. However, the older girl reacts to the encouragement of the others that are in attendance and continues to fight the younger girl. The younger girl wants the fight to stop, but the eight-year-old girl continues to fight her until an adult eventually steps in and stops the fight.

According to the Mirror, the video has been forwarded on to the police.

My Fox New York shared that Media Take Out posted the video online and it has made its rounds on social media sites such as Facebook. A relative of one of the girls watched the video and made sure the police were aware of it. The unidentified relative is hopeful that the adults that were present are questioned and dealt with appropriately.

It is unknown exactly when the video was recorded or where the fight took place.

Viewers of the video have showed a range of emotions, from outrage to total shock that an adult would allow the fight to take place, let alone encourage it. One views, who goes by the name ApMillz-CT, was appalled by the video.

“I teared up watching this 🙁 This is totally jealousy!!! Look at the little girl she’s beating up! Look at the difference.. I am appalled these parents should be in JAIL not raising children.”

Another viewer of the video expressed his shock and sadness, proclaiming, “this hurts my soul man.”

The identities of the present adults have not been released and there is some speculation that the adults might have actually been closer to the age of 16.

Police are actively investigating the video and the circumstances that lead to the 8 year old beating up the five-year old.

[Photo Courtesy: All Hip hop/Youtube Screen Capture]