Will Ember Graham Ever Be Found? Sheriff Swats Down Rumors

The search for missing baby Ember Graham continues amid rumors that the 6-month-old infant has been found. The Redding Record Searchlight reports that the little girl has not been found, contrary to rumors. In fact, Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko has had to make this clear since the rumors have been circulating rather aggressively. The sheriff also confirmed a sad possibility regarding the search for the Happy Valley baby.

Will Ember Graham ever be found? If you go by what Sheriff Bosenko says, the possibility is very slim. After Matthew Graham was shot in a police standoff, the sheriff spoke to reporters and expressed that there was “little hope of ever finding” Ember. Police search efforts for the missing 6-month-old were called off on Sunday — a day before her father was shot dead. Bosenko has since confirmed that her body still hasn’t been found.

More details have been released since Matthew Graham’s shooting, as well. Previously, it had been reported that he stole a handgun and a vehicle before going on the run. Now, it’s being reported that he had stolen several hundreds of dollars and a handgun from his mother’s purse. The woman reported the crime, which led to the manhunt that ended in his death.

ABC News 10 reports that Matthew Graham was a person of interest in his daughter’s disappearance leading up to his death. However, authorities have not expanded on this since he was fatally shot on Monday. Meanwhile, on social media, speculation against Matthew Graham appears to be quite heavy, with many people suggesting that he took the secret of what happened to Ember to his grave. Even media figures are on social media trying to make sense of this series of tragic events.

Ember Graham has been missing for 12 days now — nearly two weeks. She was reported missing by her father, who claimed at the time that someone had entered their home and took her from her crib as they slept, but authorities quickly determined that no abduction took place. Furthermore, surveillance footage helped in finding inconsistencies in the man’s statements to police.

If you have any information that could lead police to Ember Graham’s whereabouts, please do not hesitate to contact the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department. Any information could prove useful in locating the missing 6-month-old Happy Valley infant.

[Photo: Shasta County Police handout/Ember Graham]