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JJ Lane: Bachelorette Star Beaten Up In LA Attack, Ben Zorn Comes To His Rescue

JJ Lane, a Bachelorette contestant who was eliminated earlier this season, was beat-up during an attack in Los Angeles.

According to Gossip Cop, the attack took place on Saturday, July 11, after the taping of the Men Tell All series special. As he was leaving the set, Lane and one of the crew members were beaten by five unidentified men, who are believed to be gang members, although that has yet to be confirmed.

The former investment banker, who was eliminated from the Bachelorette two weeks ago, sustained two black eyes after the “thugs” landed several blows to his face. While a motive has been revealed, it is believed that the attackers had been specifically waiting for them to exit the building. When they did, they blindly jumped the pair, gossip site TMZ reports.

Terrified witnesses rushed back into the building and found Lane’s fellow contestant Ben Zorn, a massive fitness instructor, who then dashed outside to break up the fight.

On Wednesday, Lane took to Twitter to address the incident. However, he made no mention of Zorn coming to his rescue. Instead, he wrote that he left four of his attackers hurting.

“I stood up for a friend on Saturday and rec’d 2 black eyes for my effort. I did however leave 4 of them hurt and running away. #Facts,” he tweeted

He later added, “Wrong place and wrong time. It was an unfortunate situation and I’m thankful it wasn’t worse for myself or my friends.”

While he chose not to call the police, JJ did go to the emergency room to make sure that he hadn’t received a concussion.

Lane, a business owner and father of one, was eliminated from the Bachelorette by Kaitlyn Bristowe, 30, two weeks ago after he confessed to cheating on his ex-wife. JJ was known as the villain on the show, and once made the remark that he was the “most hated” man in the house. He also formed a “bromance” with fellow contestant Clint Arlis, with whom he joked about falling in love with and even showered with.

[Photo via Twitter/JJ Lane]