‘Suits’ Season 5 Spoilers: Is Harvey Specter Falling For A New Lady In Episode 4? [Preview]

As Suits is already almost at the halfway mark for the first part of Season 5, the relationships between the characters on the show are beginning to get more strained. Last week’s episode saw Mike Ross learn the difficult fact that Robert Zane can be combative and unfriendly, while the situation between Louis Litt and Harvey Spector ramped up in intensity. What’s in store for the characters in the next episode?

The next episode of Suits, titled “No Puedo Hacerlo” — loosely translated to “I can’t do it” — is set to focus on Mike and Zane, and their class-action suit. According to the synopsis, the two have a difference in opinion on what it means to win a case both for the firm and their clients.

Meanwhile, the episode will also feature Harvey getting a little outside of his comfort zone with a new case. While Harvey is busy working the case, which is brought to him by a client that has a special link to the firm, Donna gives Louis some advice on how to resolve a feud.

Speaking of Harvey, Movie News Guide is reporting that his relationship with Esther, which is continuing to develop, will be addressed in the new episode. This budding relationship between the two is noticed by Louis, who doesn’t appreciate Harvey getting so close with his sister. In fact, things reach the point where Louis offers a warning to Harvey to keep his distance from Esther.

While it is unclear how the issue with Esther will play out, her appearance on the show is certain to have an impact on the relationship between Harvey and Louis. Although the two have been having a rough time so far, Esther’s appearance might start to drive the two even further apart.

Additionally, Harvey getting close to Esther isn’t likely to go over well with Harvey’s former secretary, Donna Paulsen. With Harvey dealing with Donna’s departure being a major point in this season, things between Harvey and Donna are likely to get even more complicated in the coming episode, especially after Donna gives Louis advice.

With all that is set to occur in the next episode, it will be interesting to see if Harvey chooses to cool things off with Esther, or use this as an opportunity to further their relationship.

The newest episode of Suits, titled “No Puedo Hacerlo,” is set to air Wednesday night on USA Network.

Check out the preview below.

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