Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Sign Will Be Added To Art Exhibit At The Smithsonian

The Smithsonian is making sure people don’t get the wrong idea about the Bill Cosby exhibit.

In a move to distance the museum from the comedian and the current allegations swirling around the star, The Smithsonian has stated that they will now have a sign out notifying visitors that the exhibition featuring Bill Cosby’s art is about the artist and not a tribute to the comedian or his work.

It’s a pretty smart move seeing as even Whoopi Goldberg is calling him a serial rapist. Keep in mind Goldberg was his last public supporter after over 30 women came forward to accuse Cosby of rape. According to the Associated Press, the exhibition will still celebrate Cosby’s art despite the allegations that span for four decades. As the Inquisitr reported, a lot of the women claim that Cosby drugged and raped them.

That said a spokeswoman for The Smithsonian said that the sign will be installed on Wednesday, and that the museum does not condone or support Cosby’s behavior.

Although Cosby had many defenders when these women came forward, many of his defenders were silenced when court documents leaked, which revealed that Cosby had admitted while under oath that he had obtained Quaaludes to drug women so that they would have sex with him.

His wife Camille, who has stood by him throughout everything, has said that these women “consented” to these drugs, and that Cosby didn’t date rape them. According to the New York Post, Camille, “doesn’t believe that Bill provided drugs and had sex with women without their consent. She’s well are of his cheating, but she doesn’t believe that her husband is a rapist.”

During a press conference lawyer Gloria Allred said of her two clients, Beth Ferrier and Rebecca Lynn Neal, “adamantly deny that they took drugs voluntarily from Mr. Cosby.”

She continued, “I invite Mrs. Cosby to meet face-to-face with my clients to hear directly from them what they allege that Mr. Cosby did to them. Mrs. Cosby can ask them any questions she would like to ask and then she can learn who the real victim is.”

In the 2005 deposition that was revealed, Both Ferrier and Neal were Jane Doe witnesses, and settled for an undisclosed amount of money.

At the time Ferrier said that Bill Cosby drugged her coffee while she was making a visit to him in Denver and that she, “has also alleged that she believes that Cosby may have sexually assaulted her after he drugged her.”

[Photo by Marcus Ingram / Getty Images]