Jesse Eisenberg Has No Love For Comic-Con, But Clarifies His 'Genocide' Comment... Kind Of

Jesse Eisenberg Has No Love For Comic-Con, But Clarifies His ‘Genocide’ Comment — Kind Of

Jesse Eisenberg, one of the stars of the highly anticipated film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, let the world know on Monday that he has no love for Comic-Con, by comparing the experience to genocide in an interview with Associated Press.

Anyone who’s ever attended a Comic-Con knows that while the experience can be amazing, it can also be overwhelming, but, as previously reported by he Inquisitr, Jesse Eisenberg’s comments on the subject of attending Comic-Cons have left many people baffled, and angry.

“It is like being screamed at by thousands of people. I don’t know what the experience is throughout history, probably some kind of genocide.”

In another interview on Tuesday morning, this time promoting his film, The End of the Tour, with co-star Jason Segel, Eisenberg attempted to clarify his comments. He didn’t exactly do a bang-up job of it, however, and really only managed to further the notion that the actor holds no love for Comic-Con, despite the fact that he was at Comic-Con to promote a movie that many fans are still on the fence about.

“Maybe on some cellular memory level, that’s the only thing that seems like an equivalent social experience. Even if they’re saying nice things, just being shouted at by thousands of people, it’s horrifying.”

Later Tuesday evening, Eisenberg sat for a third interview with the Associated Press. He once again attempted to smooth over the backlash he’d been receiving since his initial genocide comment.

“I of course was using hyperbole to describe the sensory overload I experienced. I sometimes do employ that. I’m a normal person who has normal sensory experiences, so Comic-Con was very overwhelming for me. That said, it was really an honor to be on that end of such jubilation.”

The End of the Tour follows Eisenberg’s character, Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky, while he interviews Segel’s character, novelist David Foster Wallace. Speaking with Associated Press about the upcoming movie, Eisenberg said he prepared for his role by spending time with his character’s real life counterpart, and then put his foot in his mouth once again.

“I have never been on the other side, on your side of journalism. I have normally been the victim so I worked with the guy who I play, David Lipsky. I interviewed him. He taught me how to interview and what his process is like and now I understand the pariahs that you guys are.”

It seems Jesse Eisenberg has no love for Comic-Con, or journalists.

[Photo Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images]