#GrowingUpBlack Brings 1.26 Million Twitter Tweets About… Yes, Growing Up Black!

The Twitter hashtag called #GrowingUpBlack has certainly taken on a life of its own on Wednesday, with the #GrowingUpBlack hashtag sparking Black Twitter nostalgia that has birthed 1.26 million tweets about the trend.

The Twitter trend has brought simple little experiences about growing up as an African American that other blacks — and other races — might be able to relate to and pass along and laugh knowingly with one another. Those include all aspects from food to fashion and beyond.

Plenty of the #GrowingUpBlack Twitter tweets are apparently making others smile about behavioral matters related to growing up African American — and they spread the gamut in ranging of age and class levels.

For whatever reason the #GrowingUpBlack hashtag has taken off, it surely has exploded with tweets and represents a great lesson in black culture.

As reported by the Washington Post, a “Black Twitter” editor was recently hired by the Los Angeles Times — a feat that caused Black Twitter to erupt with all sorts of reactions.

With every passing minute, more and more tweets about growing up black fill Twitter, proving this to be a popular and entertaining subject online.

Plenty of the #GrowingUpBlack tweets reflect those adages often repeated by moms of African American heritage.

As reported by the Inquisitr, beyond the #GrowingUpBlack Twitter party, another viral hashtag that made the news was the #HarryBeCareful label. That one came in the wake of the One Direction star receiving death threats on Twitter.

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