Calvin Klein’s Ex Nick Gruber Arrested With Cocaine

Looks like Nick Gruber, on again off again boyfriend of fashion mogul Calvin Klein, is taking the fashion lifestyle stereotype to a whole new high–literally.

According to TMZ, Nick Gruber, 22, who is a model and former gay porn star was caught with cocaine early Tuesday morning. The incident happened after an unnamed person called 911 when Gruber punched his 20 year-old friend directly in the face for no apparent reason. After the officers arrived on the scene, they attempted to take Nick Gruber into custody.

It was then that onlookers told TMZ Gruber wasn’t about to go down without another fight. The model was reportedly seen “flailing his arms around” while resisting arrest. Inevitably it was the strip search that caused the police officers to find cocaine on Gruber’s body after Gruber’s move to stick his hands down his pants sent a red flag.

Now it looks like Nick Gruber is facing a line of charges, including assault, resisting arrest, and possession of a controlled substance.

Gruber’s alleged victim hasn’t kept quiet and already gave an interview to The New York Daily News on the bloody altercation, stating, “It’s really unfortunate. I thought he was a good friend.”

This isn’t the first time Nick Gruber has caused excitement in the press. The shocking age difference between him and on again off again love Klein, 69, has made headlines in the papers, as well as Gruber’s other romances with various other older men. The pair first started getting attention from the press earlier on in their relationship in 2010 when Gruber’s porn pictures surfaced on the Internet.

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