Lyudmila Putin, Wife Of Vladimir Putin, Mysteriously Missing

Lyudmila Putin, wife of current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, is mysteriously missing, prompting rumors about her whereabouts, as well as fueling speculation over Vladimir’s infidelities.

Lyudmila has only been seen twice in the past two years, with the most recent being on March 6th, when Putin won an election bid to take over the presidency once more. She was not even seen during a taping of the Prime Minister’s Easter celebration.

Many rumors surround the mysterious wife of Prime Minister Putin, who, up until recent years, was pictured often with her husband. One such rumor puts Lyudmila, age 54, pregnant and resting in a local Munich hospital. The “report” was put out by The Moscow Post, who The Moscow Times has labeled:

“One of the fiefdoms of the massive online empire run directly by the presidential administration.”

The Daily Mail on the other hand, has a completely different viewpoint on the mysterious Lyudmila Putin. According to their report, Putin’s alleged romance with spy-turned-model Anna Chapman, has ruined the couple’s relationship, and Vladimir has pushed his wife aside.

Alternatively, The Daily Mail also indicts Alina Kabayeve, an Olympic gold medalist, calling her another one of Putin’s secret lovers. In 2008, rumors of a possible Putin divorce circulated, causing Vladimir to give the following statement:

“I am, of course, aware of the hackneyed phrase and stamp that politicians live in a glass house.. But even in these cases, there must be some limits … I always thought badly of those who go around with their erotic fantasies sticking their snot-ridden noses into another person’s life.”

Adding to the Putin family mystery, photographs of daughters Mariya and Yekaterina have never been published. Olga Kryshtanovskaya, a member of the United Russia party, and an expert on Russian elite, has a different, and much more simple explanation.

Kryshtanovskaya told The Guardian that the lack of public presence for Lyudmila Putin is normal for Russia. She said, “For western people, maybe it’s strange. For Russians, it’s totally normal.”

Do you think that Lyudmila Putin’s public absence is normal, or the result of a torrid affair between her husband and an ex-Russian spy?