Ariana Grande Drops Apology Video

Ariana Grande Copies Justin Bieber With Apology Video, Will It End ‘Donut Fiasco’?

Ariana Grande has copied Justin Bieber and posted a candid apology video.

The singer’s second apology comes just days after her written apology for licking donuts displayed in a donut store on July 4, where she also proclaimed “I hate Americans. I hate America.” Grande’s statement was widely slammed as insincere nonsense, mainly due to her blathering on about anti-childhood obesity instead of staying on point.

Titled “Sorry babes,” Grande posted a four-minute, black-and-white apology video on her Twitter page on Thursday evening from what appears to be her bedroom. The 22-year-old kicked off her visual mea culpa noting that her “puffy cheeks” were due to “wisdom tooth recovery hell.”

Explaining herself, Ariana said she wanted to “apologize again for the whole donut fiasco and the craziness.”

She continued, “I feel like… I kind of missed my opportunity to actually sincerely apologize and express how I was feeling because I was too busy preaching about my issues with the food industry, which is, like, not… relative. I feel like I could have expressed myself in a different way.”

During the clip, Grande said that she was “not here to make any excuses. I’m just here to apologize.” Of her anti-childhood obesity comments, the singer told fans “I was trying to get you to understand where I was coming from when I said what I said.” She continued, “But that’s not important, I would rather just apologize before the whole thing blows over.”

Referring to her anti-American/Americans outburst, Grande insisted she has “never been prouder to be American, to be honest with you,” due to “the advances that we’ve made in the last couple of months, and all the wonderful, progressive things that have been going on. I’ve never been prouder of this country, actually.”

Elaborating, Ariana reflected that “seeing a video of yourself behaving poorly, that you had no idea was being taken, is such a rude awakening.”

She then added, “I was so disgusted with myself… I like shoved my face into a pillow and wanted to disappear. But instead of that I am going to come forward and own up what I did and take responsibility.”

Grande also said her conduct in the donut store “just wasn’t me at all” and apologized for her “poor choice of words and for my behavior.” She went on to confess that, “seeing how ugly it looks when you behave a certain way makes you never want to behave that way again.”

The singer said that she felt “embarrassed” about the mini-scandal, affirming that, “I never want to be anything but a positive influence” to fans. Adding, “I feel like I let you all down,” she stressed,”you learn from it.”

Admitting that the “last 24 hours” had been “rough,” Grande stated that she knows that she “is being judged” for making mistakes. The pop princess said that she is “22,” “human” and “still got a lot to learn,” before adding, “I make mistakes and that’s how I’m gonna learn.”

The singer shared her first written statement on Wednesday, one day after TMZ posted CCTV-obtained footage of Grande appearing to lick and spit on a display tray of donuts at the Wolfee Donuts store in Lake Elsinore, California. At the time, the former Nickelodeon star was also making out with one of her dancers and dumping on the U.S.

Not surprisingly, public reaction wasn’t very impressed. Rob Lowe blasted Grande’s first apology as “lame,” while Susan Sarandon urged Americans to “lick a donut” and called for “solidarity” with the songstress. Typically, FOX News went overboard.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reported the Riverside County sheriff’s department in Elsinore, California, and public health officials from the area are investigating the matter — but not Grande herself as donut-licking is not yet a criminal act.

The donut shop is being probed to find out whether it “has a history of leaving doughnuts out on display and if they had existing policies to prevent access to the fried [foodstuffs].”

Wolfee’s manager previously said all the donuts displayed on Independence Day sold out, so it’s possible someone ate the ones Grande licked. As it stands, the health department “hasn’t received complaints from people who ate the contaminated doughnuts.” That may change.

The day after TMZ posted their Grande video, MLB Communications tweeted that she had withdrawn as the headliner for the MLB all-star concert because of “health issues.” Demi Lovato is the replacement.

For any Ariana Grande fans wondering where their idol got the idea for an apology video from, check out Justin Bieber’s smartphone-lit mea culpa. He posted it on January 29, the day after his first, nervous comeback turn on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Many apologies would follow, culminating at his Comedy Central Roast and rebuttal speech-apology three months later.

As with Bieber fans who launched a supportive Twitter hashtag after the Biebs’ apology video, Arianators powered their own version to the top of the social network’s worldwide trending topics shortly after Grande’s video dropped. It reads, #WeForgiveYouAriana.

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