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Jill Duggar Begins Mission Work And It Isn’t In Nepal: Jill And Derick Dillard’s Mission Location Revealed

The Duggars recently said an emotional goodbye to daughter Jill before she headed out on a long-term mission trip “overseas.” Though the family revealed that the young family had left for their mission work, the location of their travels was kept secret out of “security concerns.” However, it seems that that location has finally been revealed and though it is abroad, it is not the location that many had speculated.

Before leaving on their “long-term” mission trip, Jill and Derick Dillard spent a lot of time with friends and family. The Dillards spent Fourth of July with family before departing the next day for mission work abroad. On the Dillard Family Blog, Derick noted that they were working hard to prepare for their time in the field.

“Last week, Jill and I announced our intent to move later this month for international mission work. Since that time we have been very busy finishing up some last minute things here and enjoying the good ‘ol US of A. Our top priority as a family before we depart the country is to spend time daily in the Word of God and to be praying for both our preparation and for our time on the field.”

Many had speculated that Jill and Derick would be headed to Nepal. Derick had already spent a lot of time in Nepal and with recent earthquake devastation, Nepal seemed like a likely choice. However, it seems those speculations were false, and the family is actually doing their missionary work in El Salvador. A friend of Derick and the Duggar family, Joe Donaldson, posted to his Instagram account confirming that the Dillards were headed to El Salvador. However, after disclosing the location, it seems Donaldson realized his mistake and quickly took down the post. Not surprisingly, before the post was removed, screenshots had been captured and the Dillards’ location was no longer secret.

Jill Dillard Begins Mission Work In El Salvador

If you read the exchange on the Instagram photo, you will see that Donaldson admits that the Dillards are headed to El Salvador for their missionary work. The choice of El Salvador is not that surprising, as the Duggar Family has worked with S.O.S. Ministries in the past in the country.

Some have questioned why the Dillards would take their infant son, Israel, to a third world country. However, with confirmation that the Dillards are headed to El Salvador, it seems baby Israel will be just fine. The S.O.S. Ministries campus has armed guards and is very likely to be a safe place for raising the child.

What do you think about the Dillard family’s move to El Salvador? Do you think the Duggar family will be making more mission trips to El Salvador now that Jill is calling the country her home?

[Image Credit: Instagram]