dead rat

Dead Rat Extracted From Man’s Bellybutton Raises Questions. Is It Fake? [Graphic Video]

Video footage of a dead rat being pulled from a man’s bellybutton was uploaded to YouTube recently. Many think the video must be a fake. Have a look at the rather graphic footage above and decide for yourself.

While many bored people dig for lint in their bellybuttons, in this case a doctor digs for something far more gruesome. We have to ask ourselves, is this like a scene from one of the Alien movies or is it the real deal?

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user Brazilian Guy, who regularly posts weird and wonderful footage from Brazil, but this one takes the cake, or the dead rat at least.

As we watch the graphic footage above (warning, it might just upset sensitive viewers), we can see a pair of hands examining a man’s belly as he lies on his back. In the background we can hear a woman speaking, chanting, or possibly praying in Portuguese.

A nurse is standing nearby and pours water on to the man’s belly to help with what turns out to be a very weird extraction as the doctor excavates the man’s bellybutton, looking for a dead rat.

Eventually, in a stomach-churning move, the doctor pulls the dead rat from the man’s bellybutton and places it on the man’s belly while examining it, in sort of a ludicrous imitation of a newborn baby being placed on its mother. Then, while the doctor is looking at the gruesome remains, the dead rat appears to fall apart. Cut and fade…

For those without the stomach to watch the video, the image below shows the various stages:

dead rat

Having watched the video, do you think it was fake, or the real deal? Let us know below.

In other weird and wonderful video news from Brazil, the Inquisitr recently reported the story of the Brazilian guy who parked illegally in a handicapped spot. Some intrepid people then covered his vehicle in blue post-it notes, including a white handicapped sign on each door.

Then there was the story of the woman who had a huge cyst, which was drained using a razor blade. That video went viral too.

And last, but definitely not least, there was the guy who filmed a black widow spider in his ear. That one is definitely not for anyone suffering from arachnophobia (the fear of spiders). Makes you wonder if there is a phobia against finding a dead rat in someone’s bellybutton? Probably not.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]