Amanda Peterson: Final Photo Shoot Surfaces From Deceased ’80s Star, Celebrities React To Star’s Death On Twitter

Amanda Peterson’s final photo shoot pictures have surfaced online. The photographer of her final photo shoot, Ryan Hartsock, posted the pictures he took of Amanda Peterson on his Facebook page. The photo shoot took place in 2012, and featured photos of Amanda Peterson sexily straddling on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, playing with a snake, and posing inside of a classic antique car. Hartsock comments on Amanda Peterson and the photo shoot.

“Once we convinced her to take a few she insisted two things, she gets to pick them and ‘don’t photoshop the hell out of me’. So here she is in her natural beauty as per her request. She was a beautiful Lady inside and out and I’m honored to have known her over the past few years.”

Hartsock was shocked to learn of Peterson’s death. He has been in contact with Amanda’s family as well. He states that they are “absolutely having a hard time.”

“I always thought she was healthy. I’ve never thought otherwise. She was a great gal. If they’re going through anything close to what I’m going through with phone calls, which I’m sure on their end is 100 times worse, it’s awful. It’s nonstop: phone calls, emails and stuff.”

Amanda Peterson died on July 5, 2015. The cause of death has not been released, but Peterson’s mother, Sylvia Peterson, believes the cause of death was due to her daughter’s health issues.

“She was in bed, and she’d had a wonderful day, and we were planning on a dinner the next day, so it was just a very, very big surprise.”

Amanda Peterson is most well-known for her role in the 1987 classic Can’t Buy Me Love. Her final acting role came in 1994 in Windrunner.

Since the news of her death broke, celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their condolences.

At 44 years old, Amanda Peterson’s final photo shoot shows that the ’80s star was still as gorgeous as ever.

[Image of Can’t Buy Me Love from TouchStone Pictures via DisneyMoviesOnDemand/YouTube]