Baby Floats Out To Sea: Turkey Vacation A Nightmare For Melda Ilgin [Video]

Baby Floats Out To Sea: Turkey Vacation A Nightmare For Melda Ilgin [Video]

After a baby floats out to sea, Turkey’s coast guard was quick to respond, but the poor infant still floated one kilometer offshore as Melda Ilgin’s sunbathing parents watched in horror.

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Reports from Turkey say the baby floated out to sea while the parents were busy sunbathing.

“The Ilgın family went to the public beach in the town of Küçükkuyu on Friday, where they placed young Melda on a flotation device and left her in the water nearby,” Turkish news site BGN news said. “However, between strong northern winds and the family’s lack of attention, the young girl quickly began floating off into the open sea in the direction of the Greek island of Lesbos.”

Fortunately, baby Melda Ilgin was peacefully unaware of her dangerous predicament as she continued to drift out into the open seas. The Turkish coast guard was called in by the parents and other people on the beach after they attempted to reach the drifting baby yet failed.

As the baby floats out to sea further and further, the wind began to pick up. By time Turkish coast guard arrived, little Melda had already drifted at least a kilometer out into the ocean. The video shows a Turkish coast guard officer jumping into the water to stay with the child until she was pulled into the boat. According to Business Standard, she was reunited with her family at the dockside at Çanakkale in the northwest of the country, where crowds of well-wishers had gathered to watch the unfolding drama.

Local reports do not say whether or not the parents of Melda Ilgin will be charged with child neglect due to the accident. It is also unknown what the condition of the girl was after the incident, although photos seem to indicate she is in good health.

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