Kit Harington: Actor’s Long Locks At Wimbledon Suggest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Return

Kit Harington gave Game Of Thrones fans some hope when he attended Wimbledon with his long, Jon-Snow-like locks over the weekend. According to Mashable, fans have been frantic over Kit’s hair, wondering if he is keeping it longer because he’s going to film more episodes for the hit HBO series. Many people seem to think that Kit is going to be back on the show in some way, despite the fact that he has been told that his character is dead… like, really, really dead.

Kit Harington’s character was killed on the Season 5 finale of Game Of Thrones, breaking the hearts of millions of fans. While people are used to their favorite characters being killed off the show, the death of Jon Snow was particularly difficult to handle. Nearly everyone has been wondering if Snow will be back in some kind of strange turn of events, and fans have thought of nearly every scenario.

“Perhaps he will return as a White Walker.”

“Maybe he will resurrect, and take over Ghost’s body (his wolf).”

“What if Jon Snow actually didn’t die?”

“Maybe he can’t die.”

And all of these things are certainly possible. But there is a possibility that Harington doesn’t want to cut his hair. As UpRoxx suggests, maybe Kit Harington just likes his long hair and has decided to keep it for the time being.

Even if that were the case, fans can’t stop wondering if Jon Snow is really gone forever.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Harington’s Game Of Thrones co-star, Emilia Clarke (Khaleesi), said that it would be/could be possible for Jon Snow to come back to life.

“There are some helpful people there who could bring him on back to life,” she said during a recent interview. However, she says that Jon Snow is dead as far as she knows, and that the cast hasn’t been told otherwise… echoing Kit’s comments about his character’s fate.

“I’ve been told I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m not coming back next season. So that’s all I can tell you, really,” he said.

Do you think Kit Harington’s long hair signifies his Game Of Thrones Season 6 return? Do you want to see Jon Snow on the series again? How do you think something like that would be written into the script?

[Photo by Ian Walton / Getty Images]