Don't Drake And Drive - Music Might Run You Into Your Ex

Don’t Drake And Drive: Music Might Run You Into Your Ex

Many say that Drake’s music has a way making you reminisce on things you probably shouldn’t. Mostly, it’s that his music and emotions will have you thinking about your exes.

While it’s not proven that Drake’s songs will have you catching old feelings, possibly everyone has caught himself or herself thinking on old times, regardless of listening to Drizzy.

When you spend an invested amount of time with someone, attachments and memories form. And accordingly, it’s difficult to let go of those thoughts, especially if they were great. However, sometimes, holding on does more damage than letting go, right?

Revisiting thoughts about your ex is almost like you’re scrolling down your life’s timeline. You see a post from back then, and you repost it — bringing it relevancy in a time where such a relationship should be most irrelevant.

Life is about progression. Even in Drake’s music, you can tell that he’s constantly moving over obstacles. Though he does mention things about his exes a lot, he’s moving forward — refusing to be stuck in the past.

You have to persevere, even when you reminisce. Think of your life as a book. You can never finish the book if you continue to reread the same page or chapter, right? You have to make the decision to continue the book and see what the rest of the story holds in-store.

Drake’s lyrics quote in Fetty Wap’s “My Way Remix” as follows.

“All I gotta do is put my mind to this s**t… Cancel out my ex, I put a line through that b***h. I like all my S’s with two line through them s**ts. Everybody tryna f**k you, but I’m fine with that s**t.”

What are your thoughts about old relationships and Drake’s music? Have his songs caused you to reminisce about any exes? Or do they make you want better for yourself?

Do you think Drake’s Views from the 6 will have a different ring to it? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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