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Maria Sharapova Fakes Out Fans With Short Hair Pic

Tennis star Maria Sharapova posted some sexy new short hair pics on Facebook earlier this week, and the athlete’s new coif seems to have caused her a bit of unwanted notoriety.

What Sharapova later revealed, however, is that the pics of her sassy short cut were not real, and the tennis player’s blonde locks remain intact. The original pic- which is actually quite striking- garnered more than 16,000 likes on Facebook, but Sharapova’s experience probably mirrors what many women face when they dare to cut off their longer locks in favor of a shorter hairdo.

maria sharapova haircut

Inevitably, men everywhere who you never even realized have a dog in this fight will come out of the woodwork to wail, “why did you cut your haaaaaaaaaair? It looked so pretty long.” Seriously, have you ever gone from long hair to short hair like in Maria Sharapova’s pics and not hear that at least a few times?

Sharapova was forced to not only upload pics proving her blonde hair remains long, but she also had to write a note on Facebook about the fake-hair pic and assure fans her coif remained unchanged.

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